How do YOU earn ascension points?

So i heard there was people that already earned 1000 ascension points, and i heard some rumors that there was a better way to earn them than just doing the sidemissions.

What is your best way to earn them?

Do the side missions in the foundling area plus Cult of Personality.

Two or three times a day.


There are 5 side missions and 1 main mission awarding points

Collecting corn gives 3 points (both for the main and as side)
The boxing gives 2 points (from the main)
And I believe the 4 sidemissions left and the two points (going through the huts and listening to the prayer) give one (one giving 2 points but I fail to recall which).
To a sum of 15 points per run.

Which caps the f2p point rate at 5 per day (15 every three days) and the patron rate to 15-45 per day (depending on how many runs you are able to do per day…realistically 2 per day max but 3 are possible).

Making the minimum time needed for the 1000 point:
200 days (f2p)
67 days (1 run per day)
34 days (2 runs per day)
23 days (3 runs a day)

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Thank you for that very detailed list, impressive:D

I capped out at 252. And don’t think I’ll cap in again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Harvest those crops ! :corn:
Bee the change ! :honeybee:

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Oh, you’re Annoyed ? I’m so jealous.

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I did it with the normal missions. Usually two but sometimes three times a day.

Got an agent from Cult of Personality from the 57th run. Totally worth it.

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