How do you fight the sacred hunt mammoth?

Yeah I know but bottom line I’ve been killing it much faster with 2 of us.

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Hey, whatever works to get the job done

And back to the actual topic I’ve learnt to not follow the mammoth when it charges off up the slope or derps out on the rocks. Stand your ground in the flat spot in front of the lure and make it come to you. It can take a minute or two when it gets stuck on the rocks but it does eventually make its way over. You’ll still have to get your ballerina on and spin around with it but it does take the awkward positioning out of the fight. If you’re using bows obviously this is not an issue for you.

You cant just remove the collision and it still correct as it.
No “detection” in any Funcom game has ever worked well.
The combat was always working up to the point mainly direct capsule detection worked. You could never had anything other than trade blows working because of that.
If you notice, all combat is “character A attacks/walk, attacks/walk, attacks/walk”, “character b attacks/walk, attacks/walk, attacks/walk”.

There is never “character A does action to which character B reacts”, “character B does action to which character A reacts”, not because they never tried. It is because it never worked.

Oh Dear.

Thank you for the moment of hilarity.

Yeah I was soloing all of them except werebear where I joined with clanmate. But once I found out the thralls are fixed with the sit-stand-restart bug I brought a thrall along and put warpaint on her and we went to town on these bosses.

Gave thrall momentum and stacks of gruel as recommended by @jmk1999

Much easier and faster for me than soloing with my fighting style.

I’m an agility build so I took the agility food bonus and agility elixir too. We just mow them down :slight_smile:

Managed to get the bestial regalia and the red mushroom last night. Now ready for event to come back in June for more grinding :slight_smile:


You have to hit him till he runs out of health

Those are the rocks I’m talking about. When I was doing it I’d stand between them and wouldn’t get knocked over.

Circle around and stick to the hinder legs like a pathetic parasite
Don’t attempt to perform a “precision dodge” cos you can’t due to lag, always get behind his arse beforehand, make it a slow-paced turn-based game
OR, if you want to face him head-on, you hit the trunk 1~2hits, roll back, and repeat, also turn-based
90% of the enemies you can take down like this with a perfect KO. The remaining 10% you can’t fight alone at all, like the Rocknose King and the Snakeman boss, whose moveset is obviously rigged.

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It’s true, lags exist while playing online, yet i send a video to my fellow exile @Darkzombie fighting the mammoth alone online. If you go with katana 20 ag, 20 vit, 20 grit, buffs in agility, you hold the mammoth in the same position from the beginning till the end of the fight. It doesn’t hurt you if it hit you with this build and you can stand up and continue. You can make a full combo L, H, L, H, before you dodge for the next combo.
If the server is lagging horribly however, it’s best even not to play, there’s no point. Many times i stopped playing for horrible lags, especially the last fight is very difficult when lags are horrible.

Rocknoses king is one of the bosses of this game that you have only one hit. This hit is allowed when he touches his hands on ground and you have to be swift. If you hold a shield you can easily defeat this boss without even using potions, the only attack that’s hyperarmor is when he hits with both hands on the ground which is extremely predictable and you can dodge it easily.
But what’s the case with the rocknose? Why this boss took so many credits?
His case is the ground we are fighting him, it’s not an easy “volume” to control and guide him exactly where you wish and his second part is that he is too tall, literally a giant so even if you hurt him you don’t know how much.
When he started to become a thrall killer his name ejected to the most fierce bosses of these lands. But you can fight him alone, like everything else it’s training only.

About the snakeman, if you mean the giant snake, again it’s an ok battle and again you have only one hit. Again it’s easy with shield but it’s far more exiting to defeat it with “precision dodge”.
Snake has only 1 move, only 1.
All you have to learn here is when to dodge, hit and dodge again. When you have low stamina, you just don’t hit for a round, it’s a ping pong fight :rofl:.
Someone can easily train for this fight to the smaller colossal snakes of the desert, it’s exactly the same with way less damage.

The battle i really enjoyed was this…
Dalinsia indeed melting this boss!!!
Well done @Wonka :metal:.

  1. keep it on even ground. If it charge uphill, w8 near the altar for him to come back.
  2. use hevealy armored thraal as bait. You will need a perk in authority for that (5 points) but no matter the damage dealt he will never agro on you.
  3. stay right behind him. He have insane wide arch of basic attack and if you are on his side you will get hit, but if you are right behind him, you are safe. I personally use katana (only first hit of heavy combo), but any weapon shouls work.

Just pay attention to special atack and position of your thraal (if he move to the side, boss will turn toward him) and you will be fine.