How do you make a map mod?

Hello, I would like to make a new map in the DevKit. Unfortunately there are no descriptions for it. Could someone please create a description of how to get a map made in the devkit to work in the game? That would be very interesting not only for me but also for other modders.

A video tutorial or a pdf with a description was very helpfull. If something like this already exists and I don’t know it yet, please share the link.

Thank you so much.

Question was resolved on the Modding Discord.

See the Guide and Modding/Useful links pages on the wiki for guides and tutorials on how to make a mod.
More recent tips and tricks may not be added. They can be found in the tips-and-tricks channel in the Modding Discord.


I’m kind of curious to see a player made map.

Has anybody done this yet? And if so, how do you try it out?

Hey Caffeine,

Yes. Here are most if not all of them, under the category “Map”:

Uruk, above, has also made a German guide for modders on how to import a map into the game from the DevKit. It can be found in the Modding/Useful links.

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