How do you Raidleaders select to raids?

I have been in some of the biggest guilds in Crom, my question is how do RL select players from raidplanner? i have been furious sometimes when hurry from work and been one of the first to sign the raidplanner, but no spot. Even in some cases only 1-2 from my class. Have many friends to that have this issue so it would be awesome if someone have more knowledge in this.

Firstly better to speak to your Raidleader directly about this if you have specific grievances. Not to cause offence but it might be something like you don’t know your class well enough or keep making the same mistakes when you are included in the raid. You need to find out if its something like this that’s causing you to be left out more frequent then you like, and if it is, working on improving.

Secondly, it really doesn’t have anything to do with who signed up first.
RL will be thinking about the tier of raid and what kind of set up will be needed for the fights. Some tiers / fights require more tanks, some its beneficial to have more ranged. There are many variables that go in to it, and each RL will have a different approach.

A good raidleader though, where there are more than 24 signing up regularly will rotate people week on week or even during the raid themselves.

You need to speak to your RL directly though.

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Every raidleader has his own methods.
For the t6, which I’m leading, I have a fixed raidpool of players and I have a list who was in/out in the previous raids. When we have more than 24 signups and I can get a fitting setup, the players who joined the most continous number of raids will be on backup. (In rare cases there are exceptions from that, but I explain it to the concerned players).
In raids without a fixed pool of players, I usually confirm some coreplayers and fill the open spots from the remaining signups. 1st priority is always a fitting setup, further criterions are reliability, last participation, performance, behaviour towards others.
Time of signup is usually no criterion.


Only the raidleader of your raid can tell you how he handles sign ups.

Regarding my raids: what @Fijndahl said, especially about the sign up time.
Additionally I confirm the evening befor the raid, so people can plan ahead. If your raidleaders don’t do that it might be vital feedback for them to hear about your problems with the late confirmation time.

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As @Fijndahl said: Each RL has different methods (or priorities if you will).

You usually got a core of players which raids basically every raid either because they are
a) “loyal” --> stable raider that shows up week after week
b) good performance

When I lead raids too I didn’t care who signed up when. And, if someone started QQing about not getting a spot it didn’t exactly strengthen their cause for a spot the next weeks.
It’s important to give new players a chance obviously. This means you’ll need to rotate someone out, and it’s here you need to actually make them realize when it’s more than 24 people signed for a raid, someone WILL have to sit out. Some people take it harder than others when they are “left out” of the squad once or twice. If you’re going to rotate someone that usually are there every week and will not take it so easily when they’re first rotated I’d recommend you to tell them in advance so it doesn’t come as a “shock” to them.

Obviously it’s hard to turn down someone you know will hard carry the raid so performance is high in priority when you’re picking someone for a raid squad, however if you know these players only attend one or two raids every second month they automatically fall down on my priority list. Without the loyal raiders the raids would’ve died three years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: This goes for me as well , but raid leaders can be extremely biased towards their friends and the people they interact with more in the game compared to others which could be one of the reasons why you are being left out (which is unfair). Talk to the Raid Leader yourself and listen to what he has to say. Watching raiders take initiative to become better players, or that they’re willing to learn automatically boosted them 10 spots up in the priority list for me at least :smiley:

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THX guys for your answears!

I really like the idea of get a desicion if i get a spot in raid the day before like Kantakwa do. My suggestion to all RL is if you have in mind that a specific char doesnt meet your criterion, better to now it so the player can make a desicion if its worth to hang on that guild.

unfortunately people don’t really play 6 mans anymore (cough cough, delete RF plsss)

it used to be a good way for officers and RLs to gauge new players in guilds, or players on another toon than you’ve usually seen them on before