How do you report builds that abuse the rules?

google zendesk conan, and there should be a link to the report system.


ok thanks, good to know. Not going to bother with it. I have never met a worse group of people in Conan than on that server. Let them have thier cesspool. I am out. But good to know for the future. Thank you.

Or, since FC doesn’t warn anyone maybe you could. Like, just ask then to rule comply before FC bans them… Seems like the right thing to me anyway.


As is typical, the rule violaters, the ones that block resources or do crazy land claiming stuff are never on but to refresh thier decay timer, while the ones that are on everyday have to deal with it.


The only way to stop that is to take screenshots and submit a report. Not reporting an infraction just allows the problem to persist. Sometimes we have to be that guy.


If it’s actually a problem… It’s almost ALWAYS not though…

So you see a build you don’t like, big deal!!! The map is huge go elsewhere!
So it covers up a boss maybe, big deal!!! - There are only a couple of bosses that drop specific things - there are about 50 or 100 bosses in the game - go fight another one!
So it blocks your way, big deal!!! go around - consider it a challenge!
You say it lags your client, big deal!!! I don’t believe you! Walk down the road a piece and it won’t!
You say he’s not online when you are, big deal!!! Put up 8 or 12 signboards on the edges of his property asking him to comply if it really bothers you that much (and it shouldn’t)!

I’ve seen hella-terrible bases in my almost 2 years playing and haven’t officially reported a single one of them. FC has set it up where we’re being turned into snitch-bit***s and creating an on-line nanny-state - but we don’t have to lower ourselves - we don’t have to participate in that immoral and childish behavior!!! It’s NOT a big deal - almost none of this stuff is!

You can spend your time and energy in this game hating on others and worrying yourself about what others are doing or you can do something cool! The choice is always yours!


And always get screenshots of the Player List and also any abuse-builds on the server. You will need that for reporting - and it’s good to report that because those sorts of players will move from server to server. They get a kick with abusive behaviour and once the players they are abusing leave, they get bored and usually move on to some place else to rinse and repeat. You are doing the whole community a favour by reporting abusive behaviour - BUT, you must get screenshot proof so they cannot dodge the bullet and then complain they’ve been banned and the world’s out to get them :wink:


post some screen shots of the base on here for we to know the degreee of the abuse, just for curiosty.

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@UrukTheGreat, Is it a case similar to this?:

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And then the next dude who can’t be bothered to share a public space responsibly comes to the server and covers up another boss. And then the next one…

You’re not talking about a stray bush or a couple of trees, you’re talking about a boss. It’s really not hard to build without covering up a boss. And if it happens that you just can’t build that base design in that spot without covering up that boss, well guess what? The map is huge, build elsewhere!

I had a boss like that. He would ask the team to develop something that we all agreed would take a month and then he would say “we have only two weeks, take it as a challenge”.

It’s not a challenge just because you tell me to consider it a challenge. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes an inconsiderate jerk is just an inconsiderate jerk.

That being said, if you can actually go a different route while dragging a thrall, then it’s definitely not against the rules and there should be no action against it. Still a dick move, but I don’t need Funcom to deal with stuff like that :slight_smile:

Nobody cares if you believe him, so that’s okay :wink:

And not just you. It doesn’t matter if I believe him, either, or any other player on these forums. What matters are the rules, the infractions, how Funcom deals with them, and how Funcom should deal with them.

Most of your tirade is just telling @UrukTheGreat off for not playing the way you think he should, but this part is actually terrible advice.

No, don’t put up 8 or 12 signboards on the edges of anyone’s property, because that will most likely get you banned for abusing the building system and/or harassment.


Agreed, I also advise against doing this as it could backfire.


But if FC would do their job that wouldn’t happen. :wink:

But if FC would do their job you wouldn’t have to deal with it at all.

Exactly. :wink:

No. Reporting people is NOT part of game playing. And it should not be our responsibility! FC has wrongfully delegated their responsibilities to their users IMO. And that’s all I’m trying to say - prolly didn’t say it very well, but that’s it in a nutshell. It has nothing to do with @UrukTheGreat or others who allow FC to abuse them and place them in what I consider to be an unethical and immoral position.

No offense, but it really didn’t come across that way at all, mostly because of all the bits saying “if you don’t like X, go somewhere else and/or do something else”.

Now that I understand that was your point, I can agree to disagree about the ethics and morality of reporting people who break the rules.

Still, what @Tystin said is a fact: the way things are right now, the only way to deal with a serial refresher who breaks the rules is to report them and hope Funcom sorts it out.


No offense taken… And yeah, I didn’t set it up right… I was a few sheets to the wind with some nice Bacardí Paraíso! :slight_smile: I prolly should have said “People” instead of “You” in those sentences - or something.

No. Choosing to do nothing is still a choice and an alternative to reporting people. I think the best thing people could possibly do is NOT use zendesk for specific reports and then just file general complaints there - and maybe here too. Maybe when they eventually get flooded they will reconsider not doing their jobs. :stuck_out_tongue:

The way it is now they’re turning CE play into a snitch-fest and CE players into snitches - not cool IMO… we’re not cops…

Yes, that’s a valid choice, but it doesn’t actually do anything. It doesn’t really “deal with the issue”, in context of this discussion.

If I came to the forums to ask how to deal with something I think is a problem, and someone answered with “you could also decide it’s not your problem and just not do anything about it”, this would be my first reaction:

Yeah, okay, I get it’s an option, and I respect your choice to take that option, but it’s kinda… unhelpful :slight_smile:

Okay, so, bear in mind that you used the word “flooded”. That’s why I’m writing what follows. If it turns out that I read too much into that single word, you have my apology beforhand :smiley:

I seriously doubt that spamming the system will help improve anything. Even if we set aside the fact that Funcom uses Zendesk for more than just reporting other players, not all player reports are the same.

I have no doubt that there are many PVP players who do their best to abuse the reporting system to get their opponents banned instead of playing against them. And I also have no doubt that there are PVE(-C) players who report others in bad faith. Hell, I’m 100% sure that there are PVE(-C) players making good-faith reports of builds that they don’t like that don’t actually break any rules.

But I’m also convinced that there are people reporting actual exploiters and griefers. Flooding the system with vague, bad-faith reports is just going to gum up the works and degrade the response time for legitimate problems. I don’t really know what Funcom would do in that case, but I don’t have any hopes of anything good coming out of that.

I mean, just think about it for a moment: do you honestly think Funcom isn’t aware of the situation? Do you really think they haven’t seen all these countless threads about the rules and their enforcement? Either they’re doing something about it at their typically glacial pace, or they’re convinced everything is fine and dandy despite the constant complaints. Let’s be ungenerous and assume the latter. Consider the mentality that would lead to that decision. Do you really think you’ll change that mentality by flooding Zendesk?

True, we’re not cops. We’re “calling the cops”, as it is. Even if Funcom checked all their official servers every day, a sufficiently determined griefer could still cause serious problems without being caught.

Look, I understand that you seem to have a personal dislike for “snitching” in general, and I really don’t want to argue about that a lot, but I feel like we should be able to agree that there’s a difference between “I called CPS on my neighbor because I saw their kid riding a bike without a helmet” and “I called the police because I heard my neighbor beating the living daylights out of his wife”.


Maybe… Or maybe they just hadn’t thought of that… or were raging and needed some calm advice like “don’t worry about it… it’s not your problem… these aren’t the barbarians you’re looking for…” :smiley:

Yup! IMO Zendesk reports from players about other player’s building styles are closer to the former tho. It’s virtual… there is no actual damage in most of these cases. Look at Tystin’s image for example… Who is feeling any pain from that? Answer: No one!

But yeah, we can leave it here if you like. It’s all good…

The picture I posted was a foundation spam that surrounded the entirety of the Grey Ones pools on IOS, so the answer to your question is:


No one! I can get past that without any trouble at all. Not that I should have to mind you… but if you can’t get over or around that I have some deeper questions for you… LOL

Have a good day, Tele. Catch you later.


@UrukTheGreat probably made the right choice to simply leave the server and find a better one, as stated in post #3. However, it’s still hard to believe that no one actually answered his question. Instead we either told him to Google it or worse, deal with it.

If someone is abusing the rules, one of your options is to report them through Zendesk and OP was asking how to do that, not whether or not he should do that.