How do you stay entertained?

I usually build a base, fully decorate it, play with it til I’m bored then take a break for a bit to play something else. When I come back to Conan, I either add to the existing build or flatten it and move my thralls to a new build site. Orb of Nergal and the ability to bounce between EL and IoS in single-player help.

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I dont play ONLY conan. But I do log in to keep things from decaying, and do build projects.

I took a long hiatus from Conan (something like 2 years), but the sorcery update brought me back. Now it seems that servers are slowly getting empty again…


If you have a sub account/family account or are willing to just redo your character, it can be fun to play solo without access to your established clan/etc, and even add restrictions to your build (like only certain weapons, no booze, no access to certain attributes etc) and set a goal (like unlock bracelet).

My last run was a nomad- no base, just a caravan rhino. Build what I need when needed, then break it down. If it doesn’t fit/I can’t carry it…too bad!

Otherwise, honestly, I wouldnt force it. You’re not having fun, try something else! Subnautica is a good alternative!

What I did was take a break from PVP and tried a nice private PVE server, that was run by and populated with some really cool people. :wink:

I hope I’ll be able to come back before too long, but I’ll probably go PVP again when I do return.

Tell everyone I said Hi. :slight_smile:


Droch! How’s it going, man? I hope things are in the up-and-up.

If ya do come back to CE, KYJ is always open, at least until I’m broke or in the ground lol. And The Wet Spot still stands (I have a quest thrall in there lol). But if ya go a-murderin’ on PvP, enjoy the Slaughter :metal: :laughing:

Ill tell ‘em all ya gave a wave, but everyone just chats in discord anymore. Me, Jewlz and a dude names Zyzyg are keepin’ it alive tho lol


Just play other games. For the price of one or two cosmetics you can buy a good game. Don’t be a fool.

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When there’s enough of a pop I like to dress as a local NPC and stand in a location where my ID Bar is spudged.

After my own NPC was released, I would stand in that cave periodically, dressed as me. Man those are some fun, fun times to think back on.

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I’m entertaining myself with a soon to be released entirely new map I’m working on…


Cool :sunglasses: :cool:

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