How do you think about Conan Unconquered?

Following notice from Scdkey about Conan Unconquered (will be realeasd on 31th May) .I’m really excited for this game but I sense like it’s gonna take flight beneath the radar really tough. I haven’t seen virtually any marketing or anything regarding the game and it also droplets this month. I desire it sells well since I really like Funcom.

That looks like a casino game i‘ll really enjoy but we possess gotta be honest in addition to admit that it seems like a game coming from 10 years ago when not longer as significantly as graphics goes. Of which that just doesnt have size market appeal
I’m quite excited for this online game. That is a mix of They will Are Billions and C&C. it seems fun. I truly wish this will be great game, but cant get my eyes and thoughts away from those terrible leg animations…

I love those kind of games, but I won’t buy it until it is on sale. It just looks like fun game, but nothing comparable to CnC

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