How do you think they will fix this mess?

Without mentioning the forbidden problem, how do you think they will fix this mess and how long? I would think a wipe would be best, just on pvp servers as most people have attachment to their pixels. Though this will never happen and all the stuff that has happened is now body vaulted forever like the last time this happened with toxic players able to come back any time they like with their side accounts ready to mess up servers.

It has already been too long to perform a rollback but they just can’t live stuff the way it is in now right?

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Funcoms mistake was too not seperate the update in two parts. They should have first introduced the battlepass and bazar together with the new building system and then before christmas season the whole skill and soccery stuff. This would have given them the time to fix things correctly before they release another update.

In my opinion the soccery update as a whole wasn´t ready to launch and I guess they know this beforehand. But they had to throw it out nonetheless, because they needed the battlepass to be released in time so it can run in the timeframe they initially set for it. Most people do not buy battlepasses that run too short since they know they won´t finish it in time.

I know that duping is a big problem in this game and that esp. pvp suffers greatly from it. But to be fair, Funcom already did some major changes in the past to prevent it from happening. But people are getting very creative in finding new ways to abuse the system again and again. No company can stop that easily from happening without constantly changing game mechanics, which on the other hand, will make some people again very unhappy if they change game mechanics too often. Because if people get used to a system they like they will keep it. Its a small path with no room for errors. You can´t make everybody happy at the same time.

I am personally not happy how Funcom handles certain things. With a better planing and a bigger time frame set they could make everybody lives, including their own, less stress- and painfull. A lot of times it seems to me, that they have a lot of great people with a lot of great ideas in their heads in this company. But they fail to implement that ideas correctly into the game. The best features this game offers end up beeing a mess for a very long time. Which ends up with people are beeing very unhappy because of this mess. When they finally fix it, the next big messy update arrives. This constant cycles of unhappiness leaves the game and the designers with a bad reputation. And as long as they do not change it, it will stay this way. No matter how great the content they throw out is.


Long list currently but if you start to list them you’ll be flagged down


Every player character, be it online or offline, is stored in the game.db database file. The table also contains a “lastLoggedIn” column or similar.

So simply check if last login was a week ago, then delete all items on that character with some SQL scripts. Recently logged in body vaults will not be eliminated, but you can run these scripts automated every night.

The possibilities are there, is also not that hard. Funcom just needs to decide to do it.


I was just about to propose something similar.
Since OP says players are attached to their pixels… why not ask for a selective wipe?
Wiping all items but leaving characters, their levels and feats as well as their followers and maybe weapons and armor… and just wipe all consumables and materials.


Just do 100% wipe already, unban everyone who was banned for building, crack down on cheaters and make the game playable again. So many bugs it’s insano

If the solution was simple they would have fixed it already.

Keep on reporting the issue, be constructive.
If the solution isn’t good enough tell them why, they need this information to resolve the issue.


Don’t be to offensive, “community” will flag you :slight_smile:

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I didn’t think I was but I’m aware of the flags

I am not a programmer, but it might not been easily possible to split into 2, since I am sure the changes were baked into the code. Its not like a spreadsheet/workbook where I can hide columns, tabs, etc from view since they were not ready for consumption.

Plus would cause more issues for creating a proper devkit for mod authors.

This 3.0 patch took months of work, where there were months of no patches in between 2.8 (February) to 3.0 (September) because they probably could not release a patch with all the changes to the game in development.

There is a major exploit. Everybody knows what I’m talking about. It’s all over YouTube. It’s not a secret. They already took too long to fix it. It’s already been abused. What do I think they’re gonna do about it? They need to wipe the servers. At this point. But they’re not going to. They never have. I’ve been around since early access. They never wipe servers when exploits like this happen. They have more revenue coming in now. It still hasn’t been fixed.

To think only a couple months went by without a bomb dupe and this one is 10x worse than the other. The first one was around for roughly two months before it got patched.

You don’t have to be to realize that most effort went to monetizing the game. What changed? Some animations, added NPC’s, some new receipts, that’s about it (rebalance etc are just “corrected” numbers, nothing more. Those things modders do in couple of weeks. Maybe a question where are devs streams now when update came out. Before release there was so much things to talk about … and now? I believe there is so much more to talk about and no response at all. Automatic reply that they took your bug report into consideration is not response from devs, so …

I urge anyone who is having bad performance issues and upset with the game breaking exploits to put the game down until it’s properly fixed.

Solution :white_check_mark:

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I do not see any reasons why they shouldn´t have been able to do so. It would have been the better option in my opinion, since Funcom has a long history of not beeing able to deliver proper bugfix updates for their games in a short period of time. And if I know as a company that I am not able to deliver a quick bugfix update a day or two days later, like its common pratice in the gaming world nowadays, I wouldn´t ever consider throwing out an update that is that big as this one. It simply makes no sense. I would only bite myself into my own leg with that kind of stupidity thinking and they do. I am sorry, but thats the truth. Great heads with a lot of great ideas in that company, you can tell. But they lag the skill of selling their ideas and games to their audience.

It is a basic thing nowadays in the gaming industry, for even small development studios, to deliver bugfix updates in a short period of time. You do not necessarily have nor can you fix every bug in a day or two. But you deliver an update, you watch the bugreports, you fix what can be fixed in a short periode of time and you throw out that first bugfix update as soon as possible. So people do not suffer under a bad gaming experience from the bugs more as they have too. And you repeat that steps as long as you need too until you fixed what needed to be fixed. This way your game stays playable and enjoyable and this means happy customers.

You do not ghost your customers by stalling them all the time and hide behind a ticket system that is so terrible and takes so long, that people feel you do not care at all as a company. You do not throw out rules to your customers that can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. You do not ban people for minor building violations in a game that is about building and has no active building limit systems.

Funcom could have a much higher regular playerbase if they would stop ■■■■■■■■ around with their updates and their community. They hit the nail with Conan Exiles 100%, so much potential and yet it gets highly waisted. If they do not want people to leave bad reviews, because they are unhappy with the game, then they need to stop ■■■■■■■■ around. Its as easy as that.

As long as they think its ok to do stuff the way they have til now, the game will go no where. The game has great content and grahics. Allways had and allways will. Content in Conan Exiles is not the problem. But as long as people can not enjoy that content because of hundreds of bugs, balance and terrible performence issues and a company that rather sits out said problems in silence instead of properly engaging in fixing them, the game will never become what it could be.

They have their loyal fan base so at the end of the day that’s all that matters


Funcom in all the years I’ve played have never once showed a hint of concern for their player base in situations like this.

There is over 330+ employees now since Ten Cent bought them and the game heavily relies on Unreal Blueprints - not code - to dev with … there is literally no excuse you can come up with why they could t address the issue presented beyond willful ignorance.

I was once banned for 7 days because I went under the mesh to evict hackers but the hackers were ignored … mind you that ban came a month after we did that and went afk (I was told by friends a month later I was banned after I stopped playing the game)

So even if you choose to stick it out and police the issue yourself there is no empathy just apathy from staff who eventually stumble their way out of the dormancy to actually act on the issue.

I knew about this dupe about 2 days in from 3.0 launch as I watched a dude place objects and delete them over and over. I just laughed and thought “don’t change funcom … don’t you dare ever change… you may actually one day grow up to be a game studio”

Some how Dune is going to be better … hell no … this behaviour has had no consequences for them so what incentive would there be for them to change course now?

CEO of funcom should be stood down just because of Conan 3.0 alone

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The fact a coder didnt test if something like this was possible is beyond lazy. It literally takes 2 of the hold tricks to pull off the new one. Meaning they know what exploiters will try day 1 of any major update. That is what blows my mind.

So break down how a wipe will fix this “mess” as you call it. Im all ears.