How exactly ist he Food Pot/Cauldron supposed to work?

I could be wrong, but I think that is exactly the reason why only 5 at a time are pushed to the thrall/pet inventory.


I thought there was information about this somewhere, but i can’t find it, so i don’t think that there is.

I think that, if there is more than one thrall pot, it will feed the thralls nearest to it, with priority…

After a little testing, the pots do overlap, but if a thrall already has 5 food, they won’t receive any additional food if there are more pots around. Ideally you’ll want to space your pots so they overlap as little as possible, for maximum efficiency.


thanks! DelboyDylan

having a 50 squares range in any direction , not overlapping is going to be difficult.

so next question is , ideally how many thralls should be considered per pot?

in my case i got over 100 thralls, over a very large base. so i some areas will need several pots even if they overlap.

But you would have to farm food for everyone anyways, what would be the difference between 1 pot or 50 ?
They would all show in the same pots, because of the range…

yes, but making mass gruel could be the trick… they are easy to make, and has a long decay time. even a lot more if put in the fridge.

the idea is to have several to have more inventory space for more. keep those 10 pots full , means life for them for at least a month.

Thanks! I hope that is correct. We are daily gamers, so that would be no problem.

By the way, I am fine with thralls and buildings going away if ignored too long. Purges are a great addition to the game.

Hmm, you’re thinking more on the lines of economical food… i was thinking more in roasted haunches and buff food… well, if it’s gruel, then who cares. Have at it!

I think that the “proper” ammount of thrall per pot should be when i reaches the bottom of the thrall list, without reducing the UI… like, 5-10 thralls, if i’m not mistaken.

well they are slaves, i am not becoming a chef for them. XD…

so gruel it is.

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Heh. My wife says something like this about me: give me a business card, and by the time you walk back in the room I’ll be playing with an origami duck – at first I didn’t like this system at all. Now it’s actually a bit more fun than it should be.

There’s something wickedly RP about taking the deliberate action to hunt down the recipe, then cook up Mystery Meat, just to feed to that certain archer who keeps breaking your Protected Torches!

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Thrall pot with a small number of thralls.

Thrall pot with a large number of thralls near it.

Thrall pot not far from the other one that overlaps the coverage.

I have asked if they can give the list of thralls on the right a scroll bar. Notice on the third screen that everything is smaller than the second one since it covers more thralls. The first one shown is at my smaller base that only has 5 thralls placed.


why only 4 days left? they should be more like 10 days./ first picture has only 5 thralls…

The type of food. Roasted Haunches are 7 days

ahh i c. gruel last 10 days becasue its actually a stack of 100. not 50.

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When I took that screen, they were not fully loaded with food from the thrall pot.

This is a thrall that is fully loaded from the near by thrall pots (5 of them) that have overlapping coverage.

This is a video test that I did before I discovered the reason my thralls are were not eating. The last part of it shows the coverage area for the single pot that I placed. I do have a very large base in my SP game with a large number of thralls placed.

Forgot i had this guy placed just outside the Unnamed City. 102 units of Roast Haunch gave him the time he has until he needs to be fed again. They do build health back up more slowly than they will lose it once they are with out food.

Wow time to start playing with a magnifying glass next to the key board !!

Did a test with some of the foods you can give to the thralls. This is the result:

Food is in this order:

Enhanced Gruel, Roasted Haunch, Gruel, Shredded Roast, Grilled Steak

They ate the Grilled Steaks faster than the other foods in the test. Both Gruel’s and the Shredded Roast were not touched in this test.