How far can you drag a thrall?

Just needed to know.
Cant reuse the wheel.

I have heard thralls are bugged now for dragging and read somewhere that wheel of pains may be bugged also. but now sure.

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There’s no limit. You can drag them clear across the map.

A lot of the dragging thrall bugs have been fixed, but I did notice one more.

When I drag a thrall, if my bindings break the thrall may vanish. But if I manually release the thrall before that happens, I can safely repair the bindings and pick him back up.

I haven’t notice any Wheel of Pain issues.

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Thanks ExNihiloish, Ok my mistake, bad rumor, sorry about that. I might have been reading some OLD posts and got confused.

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I think some people are still having dragging issues, but from what I can tell they’ve ‘mostly’ been fixed.
So he may or may not experience problems. It’s hard to tell with this game.

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Thanks All for the help.

The only limit for dragging is the unconscious timer. Official default is 10 mins. The server settings are in seconds in case you decide to change it.

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