How good is the Conan Royal Armor?

The lower level Conan Royal armor give you extra encumbrance. Witch was great because I’m doing the packmule build. But now I have flawless Light armor and it gives me even more encumbrance. Is the Higher level Conan armor just as good as flawless?

The light and medium versions of the royal armour is slightly better than your average gear in terms of armour value. But I think generally the flawless is much better. You will get more armour and more bonus stats. Prob get something like +8 encumberance on the flawless light armour, or something like that.

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Both Royal Armors are Medium, Mid-Grade. Both give Encumbrance buff of +5 total. Your Flawless is +9, so it’s not even close.

(Head, Torso, Hands, Legs, Feet)
H20 T40 H12 L30 F12 = 114

(Head, Torso, Hands, Legs, Feet)
H48 T112 H32 L80 F32 = 304

That’s a bumber. I was hoping it would give the same encumbrance buff. Oh well. Thank you.

Flawless Medium is +9, so is Flawless Heavy. You lose the roll/gain a dodge with Heavy, but you get armor values in the 300s.

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