How I believe PVP was intended and how it actually turned out

In all I mean all PVP servers since I dont play anything else, sorry for not saying it.

But in my opinion a PVP server wipe would help alot. There is still people with duped stuff from 2-3 years ago. And lately I cant say it’s only “salty” PVP players that complaining about wiped bases , seen bunch of players who play mainly PVE or PVE-C getting banned too. But I dont know if the issue is the same with buildings on those servers. But people still gets banned.

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We’ve had this conversation before @Sairdontis, maybe last year. You want to be able to build structures that players can’t easily raid. I think raiding needs to be easy, or the game devolves into everyone being super defensive and just sitting in their castles. I guess the problem is that it’s hard to balance “Build” and “Dominate” so that building is not either the go-to meta or pointless. We might have to agree to disagree.

Oh right. Yeah I don’t think that’s a bad idea at all. Anyone who can’t handle losing their progress probs shouldn’t be playing PVP.

It was wiped a long time ago, and from what I remember it was not that bad. FC just have to let people know that it will happen some time before it happens.

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Raiding should never be easy . For godsakes what would be the purpose of that?? “Hey King lets make this castle easy to raid and ravage so as to no offend the invaders” …makes no sense at all. Period.

Defense is made just that …defense. No one makes you and you are not required to attack someone else, that is solely your choice. You cannot attack someone then complain that they didn’t make it easy enough for you so you got bored. That is all on you not the ones you attacked.

You last line may be the way it will have to be , though I believe making bases need to be made of marshmellow to appease the lazy attacker to be pvp game destroying .


It isn’t!!!
Either pve it’s easy!!!
We play so many years that’s why we call them easy!!!
Nothing is easy!
Just take it from the beginning and you will understand why nothing is easy!
In this game we forgot how many hours…
In this game we forgot and don’t feel loss anymore…
I remember in my first gaming weeks when I was loosing a bearer lvl3 I couldn’t sleep!!!
No I can erase a two year effort just like that and feel nothing.
Players that played pvp for years don’t play for builds and castles, they play for adrenaline rush, because this is what pvp in this game is… No builds, no digital assets, just adrenaline rush and it’s plenty and it’s wonderful!!!
Even pve in pvp is way better, because you hurt your thralls and you have to be very careful and exact on your fights. Pve on pvp is teaching perfection on fights, yes, you can coop with a mindless thrall that hits randomly

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