How i cannot stop from complaining...but. Where is my content?

This whole post is a bit biased and forgetting a key element to siptah, and that is RNG. How fundamental recipes are locked being RNG, is beyond me, and makes this whole casual gamer non sense argument carry a bit less weight… It’s not casual gaming if you have to grind 40+ hours to get a recipe that makes you actually competent in facing all challenges, which I would remind you most of them are just unlocked with intractable objects on EL…


The largest complaint I have with Siptah isn’t about Siptah but about yellow lotus. With midnight alchemist buried in an rng nightmare at the pools and yellow lotus bugged all the hell, restatting in Siptah is a significant issue.


Bugged how? I find Yellow Lotus all the time.

When you use yl potions, you risk unlearning some or all of the found recipes including the rng ones that you grounded out in 20 hours of pool farming


Is this true though?
I know that we had a bunch of reports on it and it happened to some people, but I’m having a really hard time figuring out how this would be technically possible… the only way I could see this happen is with characters that used to transfer, or something similar messing with it.

Personally I used yellow lotus for 6 years and I never had anything like this happen.

I tried investigating it so if I find something I can give people some peace of mind, however the relevant code is in C++ and we don’t have access to it in the devkit.

What I CAN tell you though for certain is that when it comes to resetting the knowledge tree itself… yellow lotus uses the exact same code as Natural Learning, so there cannot be any difference in the functionality of those two when it comes to resetting knowledge. (Basically what I mean by this is that if there is any risk of losing feats when you actually want to reset feats and not just attributes… the same risk exists for both potions)

Issue was acknowledged in Sept during patch notes but whats weird is that I don’t believe a fix was every released yet this left the “known bugs”. Known bugs that are not fixed should remain in that section until fixed so that they are not forgotten about. As for the natural learning…yeah I agree that it should be the same and from memory I think natural learning also has the problem…however no one uses natural learning. I mean really I don’t see the freaking point of messing with knowledge resets at all when you provide a fairly easy way to continuously increase your knowledge pool with power fragments. Hell I remember doing yellow lotus back in the day and as I am rebuilding my knowledge tree going never again as I spent 5 minutes clicking away in the menu…only to find that with Siptah, it’s might as well be required if you need attributes redone. It’s far easier and more fun to get the power frags and just learn it all.

I didn’t think it was happening much either until I caught myself redoing eldarium tools again because i thought ‘huh…I would have sworn I learned that’ and when I got there recognized I have the eldarium pickaxe in my inventory.


Yea, that is true! In the past I always reset at max level just to reuse the points I might have put into mid-tier weapons etc, but nowdays I was doing slow progression plays so I always ended up getting fragments before I could even use them as such had more than enough points.

Yes ofc I was aware of that, what I was debating though whether it’s an actual issue that can happen at any point in time, or it’s one of those cases that they know very well why it happened and it’s just related to something specific (like previous character transfers) so they’d rather just acknowledge it and move on.

But yes, it’s kinda weird not getting much information on it afterwards and in this case I’d agree that having some specific reset method on Siptah that’s not locked away in RNG would be nice even if it’s something silly as having to travel to a fancy tower and interact with an object to reset.

You can get the potions as random harvest drops from corrupted creatures like 5-7 at a time, but it’s rather useless if you don’t have a fridge neaby :stuck_out_tongue:

IMHO, put midnight alchemist in the elder vault recipe tables and remove witch doctor. The RNG is less in the vaults vs the pools so it’s a bit more feasible to farm that out.

I remember that most of us were just farming yetis in the Northwood to get bestial memory.


i just went and killed pirates and while killed pirates picked up flotsam. There is no need to have midnight alchemist on siptah.

you are correct. both “were/are” bugged. reported the issue since testlive.

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You are wrong here, but it’s ok!

Multiple ways.
It’s an rng drop from every single one head mob boss.
But no potion with huge weight and really fast decay timer can be compared with the knowledge of making it whenever i wish and as much as i wish, so…

And even better, make a knowledge point like exile lands


It really just underscores that it’s not about Siptah being more “casual-friendly” than Exiled Lands, but rather a matter of taste. Some people don’t mind RNG, some do. Hell, some people feel like the game isn’t good enough if it doesn’t make you grind the RNG over and over :smiley:

There was a time when you could put the potions in your mount’s inventory and the decay timer would pause inside. So you could then farm the Siptah bosses until one dropped a bunch of potions, and then bring those potions safely to your fridge.

And then Funcom fixed that loophole :confused:


Let me tell you the best now…

Guess what? These potions are available after 3.2 on PlayStation. Do you know why?
Because they insta decaying as soon as you were looting them from the flotsams :frowning:.
Don’t get me wrong. Using yellow lotus and loose recipes, i don’t give a dime. It motivates me to go back and gain it once more.
But, putting all my damn feat points to recipes all over again (?) , a great NO!
I cannot tell you how many times the game lagged at the time i was placing my atribute points and i placed one extra point so i had to respec again.
The other day i did the mistake first to place the feat points and then go and fix my attributes. Guess what? The game lagged and i had to respec again :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.
In a game that changing your attributes is a mandatory, not to have a correct way to do it is absurd. It makes no sense, it’s pure troll.


This isn’t technically correct. However it requires full planning. I made the mistake of taking grit 3 instead of expertise 4 (stability version) but I’m whizzing through the vaults with the 3st,3vit,3grit,3exp build. Eventually I will switch it up and start working on Ewok village when I get the b. memory but I got time as is.

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First of all, my deepest apologies to @Coty for my serial off topic contribution.
By all means, feel free to flag or ask me to delete and i will do at once!

@erjoh if you fix this village on PlayStation server and won’t invite me to watch it first person i will hold it on you forever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Nemedian hat!
This helmet is one of the best secrets of the game. If a veteran does not use this item until he is established in the game he does wrong. Especially in Siptah that legendary weapon repair kits are very rare.
The best way to use Nemedian hat is drowning. Everything good you gain but almost broken from the way can be fully repaired with this system and some weak aloe potions or rough bandages is your exchange to this repair. So i find it really fair and correct that’s rng drop!
So one really good way to start in Siptah is to spawn North West, go to Arnos camp, loot your fisrt weapons and go straight to the spider. If you gain the nemedian hat with the skeleton key that will provide you a legendary weapon of course you made your best possible start in this game. Then take the river down (i pay a visit to the ruins first and try my luck for war Sickles and steel tools from skeletons ) gather as much as aloe you can and start from Siphos to loot flotsam boxes. On the way kill as much as mobs as you can. This path i suggest has multiple crocks and lizards that’s helping you lvl up really fast. For gathering these flotsams you really need expertise points because each one weights 5kgr.
Make all the swimming around for flotsam boxes and hour 2 on the game you have …
Nemedian hat
Multiple legendary weapons
Grave digger
Really good tools
Tier 3 materials
Fragments of power
Multiple buffs, alcohol and at least 35 lvl points.

In your way stop south of the Grey pools and fix a really small sack to fix a storage and continue your journey for the rest flotsam boxes.

Having a spawn point close to the Grey pools has 2 advantages
1st Grey weapons and armor pieces from day one
2nd day 2 you are lvl 60 with all the necessary items you need to start fixing whatever you wish.

What’s missing? Midnight alchemy Ofcurce nothing else!


You should have loot them near your fridge deposits. even now, i think the despawn timer on some potions is about 10 seconds(not sure, might be less). Plenty of time to put them in the fridge.

I do not see how a bug can motivate you man :((

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I believe we play conan exiles isn’t it (joke :rofl::rofl::rofl:).
But true!
Let me tell you the recipes i got the last 2 days in Siptah pools and vaults!

1 Buccaneer
3 witch doctor
1 stygian alchemy
1 grave digger
1 totems
1 specialist cooking X
And 5 different not so useful, but we are always happy to have them Siptah gear recipes.
Especially the fact that the standard recipes demand 7 eldarium to be as powerful with the ones that they are rare and demand 31 eldarium :man_facepalming:.

Soooo, what was that again? :wink:

Coty. Midnight alchemy is mandatory in Siptah, mandatory! I have enough trolls already, at least let me enjoy the map.

Again apologies for the midnight alchemy obsession, but it’s a huge problem man, humongous actually!


Let’s agree to disagree :stuck_out_tongue:

The number of recipes u got in 2 days is a bit low from what i am used to. Maybe cause of not using the same figurines. 1 recipe(5 texts or whatever they are called) per figurine. In 2 days you should have 20+ recipes at least, including doubles perhaps. I gave out all the doubles once i’ve learned the recipe, not bad to receive recipes for free when the server is less then a day old…Fck them vaults, you only get leg table leg table leg table again and again…Who is doing vaults for the only reason of farming recipes, has to much free time.

You will not make me install the game again just to proove it again for the X time. Please forgive me if i make you uncomfortable on Siptah not at all my intention but your “humongous actually!” made me reply to you again :frowning:

My only grind in Conan Exiles is and will always remain Stone. All the other stuff is procurable, i’ve learned in all these years what i need and what i do not need. You say it is mandatory, i say it is not. You want to reset using a bestial potion and don’t have the feat for it? Well i say, you go pick up 5-10 flotsam and you will have potions for months.
You want the Natural Learning? Guess what, drops from flotsam also…

So, Let’s agree to Disagree?

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It’s on! When your game is installed we will do a challenge together. Start 2 characters from zero and place only goal the midnight alchemy and bestial potions.
Let me know when i start. But i will play on official pve if you don’t mind :blush:.
Thanks Coty for this, you are a true friend. Let’s solve the mystery together!

if i get someone to donate me a fridge…it will end fast :slight_smile:

I will. Promise. It’s all in Funcom’s hands…

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