How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ban - Final

This is not a complaint or venting or accusation topic, I will not participate in any responses that seeks to engage on that front.

I love the Conan Exiles game. It has held my interest for over three years and continues to do so. I play, primarily to build and the revised ToS exacerbated the toxic environment on official servers and penalized those who abided by the original ToS, resulting in base wipes and bans.

Both happened to me.

Since a ToS ban, in November 2021, was preceded by a base wipe, I was able to give away hundreds of thralls and thousands upon thousands of mats. When the ban triggered, I stood up a vanilla private server and started from scratch.

It has been awesome.

I love not having to worry about folks reporting as a tactic. I love being able to build how and where I want. And I absolutely love never having to mute those who have a congenital need to be a victim.

But, most of all, I love not having to worry about server merges,

A potential downside could be a low server population, but, to be transparent, of the four-ish official servers on which I played, the in game population was rarely more than four and, months at a time, I would be the only active person on those servers. So, only having folks on the server I can stand, not so bad.

I look forward to the game’s continued growth and expansion and will revel in having a stable, calm, and friendly server.

Those who are distressed about the current ToS and toxicity of official servers, I strongly recommend the private server path.

The game stays fun.


Hard part about Server Utopia is you either can’t play, or you have to hire an Admin.

Personally I’d like to play alongside you on a server. You sure you won’t try Officials again?

You definitely can play. I use an account for playing and one for admining (helps with events where I need to build admin stuff). And the players can plainly see I’m not abusing my privilege. I’ve been able to play, admin, and mod. And I still play other games such as Lost Ark, Phasmophobia, and a Duke Nukem binge recently. There’s even one day a week I fool around in Terraria with some friends.

In Pugilist’s case, his server requires very little from him as an admin. I won’t speak for him, but his admin duties probably involve kicking the server once every few days or so for a restart. You should definitely join up with him. I’d recommend that to anyone who wants an Official-Like experience.

Just be prepared for a smoother experience overall as the server host he has is going to be far better. I mean what do you all have to lose? Especially those being merged. Start up with Pugilist here instead.