How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ban - Part II

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I want to be very clear, this is not a complaint about the new ToS. This is not a complaint about how builds are reviewed and deemed in violation.

This is, especially, not a complaint about how the ToS are enforced.

That said, I do not like the new ToS so I implemented my $5 solution, if it costs around $5 a week to avoid being annoyed by something, spend the money, and spun up my own vanilla Exiled Lands server. The server is around a month old.

I wish I had done this years ago and avoided the increasingly toxic atmosphere of the official PVE servers that, in my view, the new ToS has exacerbated.

It was nice starting from scratch. It was nice seeing journey steps get completed again, and being able to build without being threatened with a “I WILL REPORT YOU” on a weekly basis is awesome.

At this point, I can’t see myself setting foot on an official server again.

I have the server set to auto update and restart daily, so the only difference from an official server is that I have disabled decay and set the idle thirst and hunger to 0.1.

My play mode is only PVE and only without mods, not just because I am too lazy to tweak load order and make certain everything updates properly after a new release, but also because doing so would cut into my scotch and cigar time.

Lastly, if folks stumble upon the server, please take the connection message seriously.

“Welcome, have fun, build well, just don’t be a d*ck”


Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he spoke the forbidden words by set did you see that😝

We have different game experiences.

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My clan just got dev wiped from salty clan who tried to challenge us and failed mjserably. They waited a few weeks and logged in the day FC wiped 4 years of investment. The buildings were definitely not all up to code ( although i just rebuilt my personal base from the ground up in the new dlc and was definitely up to code) but we arent cheaters. 4 years on a server thats been dead for the better part of 2 years of course we’re gonna build up especially aince FC hasnt been consistant at all with enforcement. Now 95% of our riches gone, all bases gone, 200+ placed ( mostly leveled) thralls probably going to decay due to a ridiculous 2 week ban. I was able to log in an alt and grab around 6 vaults that had been lingering but thus ToS just isnt good eniugh for all the exploits left in the game. If FC doesnt like fence foundation stacking and foumdation apamming for landclaim tbey need to fix that on thwir end. Implement a landclaim system with an area of influence around a primary altar and make foundations and other placables have little to no landclaim properties, people will not invest spamming structures if they dont offer landclaim benefits.
In any case, 4 years gone on primary server for some of my clan mates, 2 for me. Im okay with jt, ive got body vaults and riches on other servers so no biggie to me aside from thrall and base investment but one gal in my clan really took it hard. FC is really not giving players motivation to play when at any given moment you could be banned and dev wiped for…reasons? Yea let me just go to zendesk (which 90% of players probably dont even know about or use) and read the cold generic statement as to why everything is gone, im sure it was thoroughly investigated by someone who cares.
Gg funcom, loved the game but now theres no incentive to look forward to 3.0.

My bases that got wiped were definitely in violation of the revised ToS. I just decided that I would wait until I was reported enough and then move to a private vanilla server because I do not care for the revised ToS and the influx of folks who appear to play, primarily, to report other folks.

That cut into my cigar and scotch time, and that’s just not acceptable.

I won’t be discussing enforcement of the revised ToS as it is too much like people complaining about an HOA they signed up for.


Yup i hear ya, more time for halo.

You purchased multiple copies of the game?

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