How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ban

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I never saw anyone “white knighting” but I was one of several asking for images. All of the images I saw completely justified FC’s position. Have you seen any that haven’t? So far my initial reactions to those images have always been: “What The… you built THERE and didn’t expect it to be deleted?”, and never: “Well, that’s fine, why would THAT be demolished by the Admins?”

I think a point that may be being missed here is that when we’re a citizen or community member on a public official server we are not there to change the map and therefore the experiences of the other players - either for the better or worsening of those experiences. The hard journeys and difficult climbs are there on purpose - or the map designer would have added stairs, roads, and elevator’s themselves. We can do those things for our in-game domiciles but it should probably stop there. We each of us, don’t own the map - that’s what the rentals and free dedicated servers are for - so we can play god there.

I see the inherent human condition (of like bees, naturally being builders and always wanting to improve the environment) is somewhat at odds with that but if we can overcome that instinct in a supermarket, a restaurant, a public park, or someone else’s back yard, surely we can in a game too?

IMO this so far is one of the things FC is messing up on. That and banning first offenders for longer than about 4 or 5 hours (which might be handy for the base removal process or something - maybe). IMO there’s no reason for those bans and it doesn’t hurt anyone to be straight and clear with the reasonings for the demolitions. Whatever…

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