How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ban

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And that, to me, is the basic issue.


I am afraid you have it backwards.

I build the projects for my use and then keep them open so other players can use them.

I could build wells and maprooms as locked buildings and elevator and stair systems with locked doors and anti-climb pieces, but as I only do PVE, it seems to be creating a competition where there is none.

If I access an area frequently, I am easing my access and it does me no harm to let others use those items.


You do recognize there’s a lack of actual tech people around here who can say these things with authority. @Caffeine is falling into the familiar Arthur C Clarke aphorism: barring a scientific explanation, the mysteries of the world are consigned to magic, or trickery. Thanks for sparking up! :smiley:

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Exactly the same thing. There is no difference there. What you’re thinking when you build it or leave it there, or make it “open” has zero affect on a player coming across it. The only affect is that it’s there.

Yeah, I of course understand that. As normal human beings we always want to make things easier and more beautiful, as well as usually wanting to share our solutions and so on.

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I cannot speak for the server admins at Funcom. But I do know a few of the non-official servers some of the devs play on. If they’re getting ideas from there. Then it might give a decent baseline of what to expect. One of those servers has a very strict building limit. But understand its far more than 40 players server max with mods. The limits are set at 350 building pieces per player.

Now that’s the most strict I’ve seen, and the server I play on now is much higher than that (at 1000 pieces). But I believe the issue is many of you have been building so unrestrictive for the last four years that mega builds and builds without efficiency are just the norm. So when server performance is the goal, you all are getting hammered. But given the choice, would you prefer a few got actioned against, or the whole server wiping?

One of Codemage’s fear is a mechanically limitation put in place where it limits based on build pieces. This is a feature private owners would love and that private server players wouldn’t have any issues with (they’d stop getting actioned when they go over simply because they will be unable to go over). But you all would be stifled in comparison. But unfortunately for him, that seems to be the route this is going to go if these complaints keep popping up. The idea behind it is people can’t accidently break a rule if they can’t even break the rule if they wanted.

Why not just play with the OP? Is there any reason you think they would be worse at handling server rules than Funcom? What exactly do you have to lose?

My “public works” were anything but back in the day. I had 10 map rooms open to all…defended by animals…one type per maproom. Told everyone they were for purges. Well here is the thing…way back the animals would be agro when someone walked by (even off raid time) and then they would “return” on the log. Since each maproom had different animals, I could see which maproom was disturbed and I used that with the players online list to triangulate where clans had their stashes and bases. I had all the information available and even knew when some clans tried to mask their efforts with late night work. Good times, good times.


I’ve followed all of those rules and I received a 2 week ban from the official servers.

Is there a 7th step I might have missed?

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And I would add:

  1. Don’t build structures not in your immediate base area. Pick a moderate sized plot for your base (maybe the size of 30x30 or even 40x40 [something like that anyway]) as a max and then build only within that. Keep it somewhat sensible. Although you imagined that 40x40 as your plot it doesn’t mean you have to cover it and build on every part of it - think of it as having a front and back yard or something. We can check the number of building pieces we use by looking in the Clan panel. From my limited experiences it seems like 2k to 2.5k is an extremely large house, around 5k is a clan base with high walls around everything, even including a few separate purposed buildings, and 10k is a decent sized village.

  2. If you do build stairs in the volcano, put maprooms near the obelisks, or construct massive bridgeways across ravines then take them down when done or after a few days. Now that all dependent structure pieces go into our inventories when we “return to inventory” their parent items, this is easy and cost free.

  3. If you’re in a clan, share the base! There’s no need to have every member building their own bases all over the map - this is insane - even though it seems common. Every clan member should use the same building as a home base. If you’re playing PVE and someone gets the building bug let them take down the current base and build another. Keep it fresh - whatever.

When people say non-official players shouldn’t have an opinion on official servers they’re not talking about someone like you, who has played on official’s for awhile and only recently quit.

They’re talking about the people who never play on the official servers, but always seem to have an opinion about how people on the official servers should be playing the game. Even though it effects them not one iota.

At least that’s how I see it.


I believe that we will just have to hold our own positions as true for ourselves. While I understand your point, I disagree with it. While you understand my point, you disagree with it.

And that’s okay.

Be well.

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Is that really a bannable rule though?

If so, why does Funcom advertise these fancy castles that you can build with every DLC if they’re just going to ban you for attempting it?


That’s a fair point.

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Well now you’re asking something that is completely out of me purview. I can give you my opinion - which is: No one should ever be banned for a 1st offence unless they were caught actually cheating. And I even like better the three strikes rule. I can maybe understand if they need to place a ban in order to take down the structures - but only for a few hours while they do their duty. I don’t think that’s needed though.

And this is netiquette all across the internet in almost every public and private venue or service - so it’s FC that’s out of touch here if we play by what’s commonly established. I’m sure the @Funcom_Community has read enough of these though that if they felt differently, they would likely have acted by now. And, if true, that’s a real shame on them.

BTW, those 1~9 “rules” are just us users thinking out loud. Expounding on what we believe should be common sense in an MMO open world RP survival game.

And lastly, I also think they should incorporate these demolitions into the gameplay so it doesn’t look like a tyrannical company being unfair to a player-base (or otherwise giving themselves a bad rep) and maybe something more like that the player has angered the gods and shall reap the destruction and anger therefrom. etc.

As far as those fancy evangelical castles go, if you will notice, they are actually within all of the “rules” listed here so far.

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Not saying you’re wrong here - in principle, I agree. However, there is a practicality issue. Under the current system, it takes X staff/hours to receive reports, visit the locations, judge and act on the judgement. To add a single warning to that makes that 2X staff/hours (or near as makes no difference) - as they now carry out the original procedure (ending in a warning instead of a ban), then need to repeat the same process a week later, to judge whether the warning has been adhered to (or a month later, whatever the time period). Going to three warnings ends up with around 4X staff/hours for the same reasons. The problem of course then becomes one of how much financial value/staff/hours is Funcom willing to put into moderating servers that were originally planned as un-moderated?

Now, if you mean more of a system where a warning is issued, and then there is no checking, just a record that there has been a warning to that clan, which then gets brought up if there is a future report against them - I can see that being more financially plausible. Though I can also see some potential for error and abuse as well - what happens to someone who receives multiple reports against them on different days for the same building? (Does an admin remember seeing the same building earlier in the week - is it even the same admin viewing the report this time?) And what happens if players leave clans, join clans, form new clans?

Honestly, I don’t have an answer - fairness says I would like there to be a system of warnings - but I can also see some potential problems with the idea that would need to be addressed.


Warning will only delay. If the structure is against the ToS, then it needs to go. Banning the players…sure three strike rule is fine but the structure has to go right then and there. They don’t have the personnel to babysit grown @$$ adults playing on a digital sandbox…nor should they need to if we were all playing as adults. They should be focusing on new content, fixes in the next update and the ever so anticipating Dune cash cow if they can deliver the hype. Going to tell you right now…I doubt anyone would start delete foundation by foundation of their 10k foundational urban blight…so just pop it off. It’s a game people…start new. It’s actually fun to do… although can be addicting to keep getting more and more lean in design and location.


I’m not sure and don’t know enough to agree with the man-hours thing. Isn’t it the same amount o hours if they ban you three times in a row as compared to two demolitions and a ban… they both add to three. And there is no warning. In my example, your base is demolished the first time and the second time too. The third time it’s demolished and you are banned for what, 14 days? OK.

I think currently an admin still has to check but this could in theory, be automated. Just have the server run a sweep off hours every 24 hours and check for anomalies. More than a few unconnected blocks or too many small groups of blocks and that’s likely block spamming, Fence to fence proximity over total number of fence parts, likely fence stacking, large bases over 5k in multiple areas belonging to the same clan, over building. etc. If it’s the same or worse on the next sweep trigger a server event where the gods come and destroy everything - or each location until the number matches what’s allowable (maybe 8 to 10k as a max). etc etc.

So maybe think of it like this: Is there a warning while you’re building, make a mistake, and things collapse? Is there a warning that will get you out of a purge event? Well, there kind of is on that one but I think you get my idea. A) they don’t have the man power to warn and check, and B) it wouldn’t be needed at all if the demolitions were part of the gameplay. We don’t need warnings. We need clear (or clearer?) rules, evenly distributed justice, and to not feel like Funcom is somehow at fault for any of this - thus placing the responsibility on our shoulders. IMO anyway.


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Here is an example of a build that would be banned after the TOS update. Not my build, I am very utilitarian.

It is beautiful and I am glad it found a home.

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And why would that be demolished do you think?

Size. The same player had a base demolished on official servers that was 1/3 the size.

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Size? Maybe no. At least I don’t think so. But the location there… Where is that? Looks like he’s covering up some important lake and built a bridge across it. :laughing:

There are more than a few builds of about that size on my server and they are all still there. But there have been several builds demolished too. One guy was running walkways down the middle of every stream in his vicinity. One of my builds was laid to waste because it was too close to the Fiend’s Vault. Another was demolished for having a spiderweb of walkways literally encompassing half of the tower :tokyo_tower: area.

But I dunno how it works either. Apparently some people report things and a decision is made from that point. And apparently the admin doesn’t look around themselves on their own. Or maybe they do… I just dunno how it works - none of us do. But if that build you showed was not covering up a lake it would still be there on my server.