How is better to prepare for 3.0 update?

I am in crisis i don’t know how to prepare for this update:
keep all in vaultt or keep all in my body?
please give me your suggestions

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Well I despise body vaulting however I will say that if you are not going to really play until after Thursday, stay body vaulted.

However there are significant changes going on with building so all of those foundations that you are holding onto maybe at risk. Maybe the conversion in your inventory goes off without a hitch and you get the equivalent of the source mats but then again, maybe not and i don’t believe this got testing in the testlive so you are trusting your plans to FC QA testing of this one thing.

It’s up to you but building too soon invites raiders of the last minute that will take your stuff on Wed. Personally, if you are just wanting to play in 3.0, stay hidden and take the chance that your building mats maybe FUBAR and you got to start farming those again. Vaults shouldn’t be affected and if memory serves right, 3.0 gives you the option to pick these up after you are done with the inventory dump/reorganization.

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Of course… we all have to play YOUR way… ugh…

I don’t think he needs to do anything. Nothing is going to explode or disappear.

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Yeah I dont think from an inventory perspective there is much to worry about… unless you have a pillar base :eyes:

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Why? Why do you do misquote this? If I didn’t know any better you are just cherry picking just to create a strawman to stand against. The entire quote with bold added for reference. My personal feelings are added but I even so, I recommended to stay body vaulted. Seriously I think you sometimes just want to argue for the sake of arguing.

Anyone gotten to see the conversions of building pieces in inventory getting converted in said inventory to their sourc materials? And what happens if your body vault has all 200 slots full and the system goes one slot at a time to convert your black ice base kit from building pieces to mats? First stack of 100 black ice foundations gets converted to 3 stacks of black ice and partials of insulated wood and steel reinforcements. Where do these 5 stacks go if you only have one stack of space cleared from the conversion in your body vault?

Not a misquote. I quoted the bits I wanted. The point?: Who gives a shirt what the heck you despise or not. That’s the same as telling others to play YOUR WAY or be despised. You do this kind of thing in almost every post you make.

Why would a pillar base make a difference?

No… because it’s not happened. You’re just making things up now… :stuck_out_tongue:

well , i m not worry about mats n buildings.i m worry about bank slaves, that is a lot of work n time

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I don’t think these will be an issue unless they do something weird like put a decay timer on them without putting that in the patch notes :wink: Not to give you a heart attack or anything.


Some of the landscape has been disappearing… its a pernicious bug right now

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Yeah…got a few tree bases that are going to be concerning to say the least