How is it possible to steal and not show up in the events?

So, someone destroyed about 13 chests full of good stuff and the only thing that show up in the events are the detroyed chests… How is it possible to steal something and it not show up in the events?

The chest were locked and full, they were destroyed and there is nothing about any of the items in the events!

If i am not mistaken, the player that destroyed them, by the way, was the speedrunner, the dude that run several times faster on foot than me on my horse

edit: i got video proof of the speedhack and prints of the log, sent it private

Someone got a video of the same player speedhacking and posted it on youtube, damn, he is fast

Can you gather the details and links, and then PM Funcom on it. Thanks.

How do you PM funcom?

You can press the keys ‘g’ and then ‘m’ to access your messages and send a new one.

Or, you can click on the user’s avatar and select “message” from there.

You can send it to Hugo or Ignasis.

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