How is land claim still an issue! (MY RANT)

Someone finally built next to my base after about a year. That’s not the problem. The problem is I cant place anything right outside my walls because they own it AND I had to move the wall back so I could build on it because claims over lapped. Where is the buffer zone fix that has been talked about for years and months. Before you ask the log out / log in didn’t work either im well aware of all the work around fixes I need to do in this game.

I feel bad for the community support team that has to go on video every so often an talk up this game like everything is fine and great. You know that south part episode with cartman and the ipad I feel like Cartman and the Devs of this game are the mom…

I have said little about this but how can the FC team talk about a DLC map when the most fundamental issues of this game never get fixed let alone get acknowledged? Its a slap in the face to the small dedicated community you all have.

Wtf are they building? A hospital??


At least is a t3 building not a t1 wall with the pieces placed backwards in some spots


Not sure that makes it any better… any straight wall that big across the desert is an eyesore imo

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