How is the guild renonw ranking exactly been calculated?

I thought I knew everything about guild renown, having heavily suffered from the guild renown bug a few years ago.
But it seems, I don’t. So how are the rankings calculated? Exactly?
This I know about renown:

  • only the top 50 contributers are counted towards the ranking
  • character cap: a character can make 2.000.000 renown points which contribute to the guild renown (gaining levels) per week, but can make more which will count for the ranking
  • guild cap: a guild can make 25.000.000 points in every category which will contribute to the guild renown (gaining levels), but can make more which will count for the ranking
  • there are some items you can craft which will give you artistry points for the guild, but will not count for the ranking. I do not know which items that are.
  • if a a character leaves a guild, its renown points will still count for the guild, but not for the rankings

So the total of the top 50 characters should equal the points a guild has in the ranking list. Sadly, this did not add up for the guild I am contributing to this week. Counting the top 50 contributers we should have 16.700.000 in the list. Instead we have 10.050.658 total, missing roughly 6.700.000 artistry points.

Is there anything I missed?

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Items you craft do count for both (if i remember correctly tainted alcahest doesnt give any artistry points, dunno why) - items you place on a spot (pillars, buildings, etc.) count to get closer to next guild level, but dont count for the top guild rankings.

for example you craft item " sculpture xy" that gives you like 300 artistry, counts for both- you place it on a spot in your guild, it just counts for guild level.

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Thank you very much - I did indeed not think about the difference of the crafting vs. placing a guild city piece. I will try to find out if that caused the gap.

Edit: We tracked down what everyone crafted, and the points we are missing in the list can partially be explained with placing things in the guild city.
But roughly 4.000.000 are still missing. Me and the guild leader alone had near to 2.000.000 artistry points on two characters, plus some more (which all should have ended up in the 50 top contributers). Well, not that it is very important, and the system might still have bugs in it as the major renown bug did not get fixed for years, but it is kind of sad me missed the chance to celebrate in Old Tarantias top guild area.
Time to sneak in, again :wink:

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