How is this still a thing?

We are going into 2024 and that’s what now, 7 years of dealing with this? Every time I come back to the game it’s the same thing. It’s no wonder why the PVP community for this game is completely dead. Love the game, very frustrated at the lack of solutions from funcom though.


What am I looking at?

There are a ton of you tube videos out right now showing this and also sky bases mainly from frustrated players trying to motivate FC into action.

As these issues have been around for ages it just shows you FC don’t give a rats ,


The problem is funcom doesn’t want to, or can’t afford to put enough people on the job to do it properly.

I doubt there is more then 3 or 4 people not doing this job. And it’s not just PVP and sky bases. It’s TOC enforcement on all public servers.

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