How long before my base decays on an official PVE-C server?

The question is the above…

for new year vacation time the timmer is set to 336hrs but if i am not wrong it will revert back to 168 hrs @ around 15th of january (not sure about the official date-check announcements for this info)…
needs some attention on the timmer at the week that this resets , cause there is a possibillity to log in before the chenge, see 336 hrs and the next day have 168hrs… so double check this one.
this goes for pc ofc, so u will have to check what runs to xbox (i guess it is the same though). and do not forget to check ur builds with the repair hammer to ensure the timmer is resetted and all ur builds share the same timmer (they do not if they r not connected)
have fun m8

Thanks. Happy Holidays.

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