How Long Before Thralls Regain Facing?

I’m on a private server, so I understand if there’s some discrepancy between my experience and that on an official server. Still, how long does it take for a thrall that you’ve placed on Guard to return to facing the direction you set them to? I’ve got four thralls set to face inward to one of my altars. A purge came through, and after fighting off the enemies, they’re currently facing different directions than what I originally set them to.

Now, I’m an atheist, but I’m not sure a god/dess with the ability to directly intervene in a fictional world is cool with one of its attendants turning their back to its earthly monuments for days on end. Our server resets daily, and I thought that would have the thralls returning to their original facing. But no such luck. Do I need to reset them manually, or do I just give them a bit more time?

This is a weird one. But I’ve had them return to the facing I originally put them in right after they were done following (assuming I left the area so they would have time to reset). But I’ve also had them not do that and act like in your description. Same with server resets. This ‘usually’ gets them back. But not always.

In my experience if you’re looking for them to be in the right facing. They won’t be.
If you’re not… they will be… :harold:

When thralls “return” home, they remain facing the last direction they were before teleporting. So to get them facing the direction you want, 100% of the time, simply have them follow you again, and make sure they are facing the direction you want when you un-follow them. They will then teleport to their home (after 10-15 mins) facing the direction you un-followed them in. :sunglasses:

it sucks they are aways looking to the walls


Yes, set them facing the opposite direction. Reset them until it stops on facing the (kinda) opposite direction.

It’s a bug like the fireplaces had recently.

possible FC solution:

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Assign your decorative thralls to “attack nothing”.

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