How long does it take to get help with being harassed by another player

I play on official PvE 2017.

I started again after a long break from playing and decided to build south of Sepermeru, a player was located nearby but I was not blocking him from building in any way and was only intending to use this as a temporary base to gather a few thralls before moving on.

2 days after I founded my base I noticed that my neighbour had started to build a wall around me, I messaged him asking him not to block me in, he then tells me that this is his land because he has been playing for 2 years and he has claimed it.

I asked him to allow me to gather my stuff and leave but he had already mostly walled my base in so I decided that it would not be worth my effort to move my belongings and leave myself with nothing, I again asked him to leave an open door so I can go.

He has now started to expand his base to lag inducing size, I honestly don’t know why this game doesn’t limit your building on official servers, his is not the only base like this.

I then told him that Funcom would ban him for doing what he was doing to which he said “Funcom will do nothing”, funny thing is that he was actually right it seems as I have still received no help despite reporting this almost 3 weeks ago.

I have been playing since this game released on Xbox and this is the first time I have had this happen, I only play on this same server unless I am wanting to try PvP.

I was hoping to get my stuff back as I have continued mining what few resources that spawn in my small enclosure, I am now losing all hope of actually getting any help, I have messaged “Derketo” who answered my initial request but have not received any response aside from being told that they are investigating. I appreciate that there might be a lot of similar issues occurring throughout all the official servers but how long will I have to wait?

I have also noticed the server quality seems to have degraded massively since I last played thanks to players building huge bases that span multiple map squares, often to the point where if you get anywhere near a mega base the game obviously lags, am I going to encounter the same issue somewhere else and experience the same wait hoping for GM help except that the next time I will have gathered even more belongings.

Should I just quit now or will I get help?

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I hate this kind of stuff, absolutely deplorable. What a twit of a gamer. I’m sorry dude.

Look in my experience, I’ve learned to just avoid idiots. Cut your losses and go. Move to a location well away from him. I know this might seem like “he wins”, but you have reported it. There’s nothing else to do. I have not heard of any timelines being mentioned for responses from Funcom, it could be tomorrow, it could be months.

I would just go. Avoiding negative leads to positive experiences.

All the best.

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that is called someone being an a$$hole but not doing anything against ToS or violating any rules like making threats, using discriminatory language etc… yeah they are making your life inconvenient, but that is far from “harassment” stop diluting the meaning of the word.

there are no in game GMs that are going to police things for you. i would say kill the jacka$$ (if ur on a pvp or pve-c server but ur playing carebear mode, otherwise, fight fire w/ fire and wall off their base, or just move on.

It is harassment and is included in the terms of conduct 9th March 2021:

Harassment and griefing:
Regarding the building system:
Abuse of the claim system (claim spam) where blocks are placed for no purpose other than to prevent other player’s access to resources and building spots.

That 100% covers what has happened to me…

I played PvP before returning to PvE, official PvP 2015, the server had virtually no players and anyone I raided quit. I decided to raid a bigger clan and they wiped every foundation I had, I figured that was a good time to take a break from PvP for now. The fact that the only way they figured out who raided them was thanks to the combat log made me realise PvP is mostly pointless for me seeing as I am solo and can’t play all day. PvP is fun just not realistic for me.

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i can see your argument, but i do not agree it is a winning one (though only funcoms opinion is the one that matters a the end of the day. lets look at the terms though.
Abuse of the claim system (claim spam) … requires…
where blocks are placed for no purpose other than to

  1. prevent other player’s access to resources and
  2. building spots.

this player is not blocking resources from anyone (i.e. building over resources w/ blocks so they do not respawn

this player is not blocking your building spots. (this is putting tendril fence frames everywhere to mass “claim” areas that you have no intention of building on to keep others away) you have built, they are just building around you in a manner that somewhat impedes your ingress/egress. If you have lost total access to your base, then perhaps you have a case (but likely they will still not do anything, rather tell you to just move or change servers)

so, yeah… i does not 100% cover the situation. like i said, the guy is is a d!ck and a griefer, but not an offense anyone at funcom is gonna help you with. we had a douche on our server that did similar stuff and stalked players (killing noobs, random crazy xbl chat messages, walling their bases etc…), Pp filed xbox and forum complaints… nada. So a few of us banded together and killed him whenever possible and returned the favor… he is gone.

point is, crying to funcom = crickets and no one is going to help you. your fellow players however, may feel some sympathy and offer a hand. (but maybe not)

either way, good luck to you. hate seeing anyone have a rough time b/c of some incel sweaty that plays only to ruin other peoples gameplay.

A two day old base is not worth living next to a horrible neighbor. Move to a new server, or another place on the map. Engaging these types leads to weeks, or months long harassment. Just mute them and forget they exist. You an go through the painful process of filing a complaint. But you need to provide real, clear, proof they have walled you in. Coordinates, screenshots, proof it was that clan, and that individual. If you can do all of that, you can get people banned for walling someone in. If you don’t bother taking the couple hours it takes to document and ./report it correctly, it won’t ever change. So yes, Funcom does ban people for walling in bases. But you have to provide evidence of it. Not their word against yours, but undeniable proof. And even then, you have to hope they don’t have a friend in the guild to refresh the stuff. 8p

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I don’t see an Official Server with the ID 2017. It might be down right now, but just to be sure, What is the full name of the server you play on?

If you are playing on someone’s private server, Funcom cannot do anything for you at all.

It is an official server, the ID is 2017 and is currently online.

I have found a solution for retrieving my items as I have found a way in/out of his base using horizontal elevators, however I will still lose my base,

Harass them back that’s what I do :wink:

Things are getting out of hand after the game was added to game pass and is now free to play. Its almost like the people who get CE for free dont really care if they get banned from a free game…servers are capped and 60 new bases have shown up on every server, 30 GB of newly added broken game mechanics and thralls are even worse than before, now how many reports of rule breakers have been submitted since CE went freebie? FC just keeps making things worse for themselves and their consumers…increased work load and delay from amount of new reports, so many new bug reports since IOS…just one great decision after another at FC…


This game company is just mind-boggling and disapointing. I have a hard time even turning the game on anymore.

As far as the op. If your being blocked in on pve server its a toxic server. Pve is for players to cooperate against the game or solo out while still playing the game legit. Theres plenty of cool people on pve servers who will help u get to where u are. My advice switch servers. Toxic pve players are the worst and should be avoided. And theres nothing in the exiled lands thts too hard to get. U can power leval to 60 easy ona fresh start and itll just b better then complaing about toxic pve. Gud luk chuk

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I appreciate what you are saying but I have been playing on/off on this server for 2 1/2 years, being forced away by someone who refuses to play nice with others is unfair, I have spoken with multiple cool people on this server and therefore know that there are people who are willing to help or just be friendly.

I have moved my bases completely and have rebuilt elsewhere now, funnily enough I intend to keep the foundation of my old base that he blocked alive as a reminder for him that playing fair is better for everyone involved, unfortunately my desire to play Conan has kind of dwindled now as I had to spend a lot of time to move 2 bases worth of materials to my new base.

For anyone who thought why care about a 2 day old base, whenever I make a new base I move all my belongings to it, to then have everything I had earnt up to that point denied from me was definitely not fun.

I think it’s a joke that they can’t even respond to me with some form of an update within a month, even an automated message saying that they will deal with my problem shortly would have done, it does make me wonder what is the point in playing if I could potentially find myself in a similar situation again at a later date.

same story, organized , several clanmembers.

(Im not that player)

Use the block feature on the xbox, it drops the matchmaking chance as well as permanently silencing the offending player. You won’t see their text messages, they’ll be unable to join your party chat and you’ll be invisible to them on gamertag searches.

Not sure how this would help, I stopped speaking to the player after I realised he couldn’t be reasoned with, we both play on the same server so there is no matchmaking involved so unless one of us quits the server we will always be on the same one. I have always played on this server and have no intention of quitting it.

This situation needed Funcom intervention but apparently they never respond, fortunately I found a way to kind of resolve the issue but I still lost my land and all the resources I used to build.

6 weeks later and I get a reply “hoping the situation has improved”, not in the slightest as I lost my old base completely…

same. i report one idiot and after month+ = nothing.

Report it here and just wait that all you can do
If you can get in and out just take ya base down and move to a new spot, if you can find a area near Sepermeru that is close to a no build area then you’ll not get built in again :wink:

Already have done, I also let them know that someone else is now blocking another entrance to Sepermeru, the only ways in now are swimming in or the entrance near the prison.

The only problem with this game is people playing it like Minecraft to the point of lagging or blocking the access of other players, it’s pathetic behaviour and realistically is pointless because no bases really need to be that big in the first place and it’s literally just for bragging rights, soon the only places that will be available will be in the snow or volcano and the server will just wind up like Ark officials with loads of little pillars claiming the entire map.

The map is huge and people could easily not get in each other’s way but apparently it’s better to drive everyone away so that they can have their 3-4 map square mega bases which kick them from the server when within viewing distance due to 6000+ animals and thralls in their role playing taverns surrounded by walls which reach the heavens.

I heard that alot of Zendesk tickets end up with no action being taken for abvious breach of the rules.
So many tickets these days end up with the message:

"Greetings Exile,

We currently experience a high number of contacts from our community, and regret not having been able to do an in depth investigation on the issue you reported.

We hope it has already improved on its own. However, if this still impacts your experience on official servers, please feel free to get back to us and let us know.

Thank you for your patience and understanding."

I made 3 tickets for the same player building 100 torches on a wall lagging the entire area, and I got the same message from Zendesk. They didn’t even read the ticket.
Why has this become the standard? By doing this, Funcom is undoing their efforts to moderate official servers and simply sacrifice the trust they earned from the community.
The message from Zendesk is the same as “We don’t care. You’re on your own.”. Lots of playes are quiting the game because of this. Out of fear to lose players that do break the rules, Funcom loses alot more players that are decent and just want to play the game. I hope this much is clear.

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