How long does it take to hear from funcom via ticket?

So i submitted a ticket its been a few years for me >.> i do have an paid account and i think i i did a old account to new transfer… but i forgot my password, and the email thats linked to it… if i only knew which of my emails was to it… i could try to do the forgot password via age of conan, since secret world’s one is not functioning…

Also is there a means for me to check my status of my tickets?

It can take several weeks for them to get back to you, but years definitely sounds unusual. Try DMing @AndyB with your ticket ID. If nothing else, he should be able to make sure that nothing got lost in the cracks.

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stupid question… how do i DM anyone on the forums?

You click on their name and then the Message button. But you might need to be more active on the forums before that unlocks.

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Exactly as @Aeryl notes above, click on image in her post, then on “Message”

To unlock DMs you need to unlock “Basic” level by the steps below:


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I’ve put in a ticket at the beginning of this year. No response.

I created a ticket weeks ago and got no response (also no response ingame via GM). The Aurum-shop doesn’t work for me, so I can’t buy sprints (I wanted to get back to my previous TSW speed). Apparently funcom doesn’t want my money and honestly you get the feeling that funcom and/or SWL is/are dead. :rage:

I buy aurum a lot, and I finally am able to get it every time. I used to have to switch between debit, credit card, and paypal to see which one would go through. Now I’m having the best luck with CC because it lets me approve the purchase through text. You may want to try that.
People have said when you use Paypal, you can go into settings and add the companies that you approve. I’ve never had any luck with that.

Support is just stretched thin between games. Since it is shared between games and stuff like Conan Exiles has a lot more people and therefor a lot more bug reports. And among that flood are the SWL petitions.

Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately I don’t even get to the payment methods. For me, no window opens in the game when I click on the gold bar … whether in the top-menu or via the sprint-menu.

Ohhhhhh Weird. I wouldn’t know about that. You can try to Repair Broken Data under Options from the launcher, but I don’t know how much that will do.

Oh…if you are on steam, do you have the steamoverlay activated? Cause without that it doesn’t work.

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Thank you, but I do not use the steam client.

No luck…but thank you.

Is it just the Aurum purchase window that doesn’t work? Not sure if you can click the Instant Purchase window (the little shopping cart) beside it?
You can also click on a sprint skin or pet sold for aurum in the Sprints/Pets window (shift P by default), and if you don’t have enough aurum to buy it, it should then open the Aurum Instant Purchase window. As long as you don’t then click the sprint or pet again, it shouldn’t take your aurum!

well Secret World Legends just got patched a couple of times so there is someone still alive at the outpost :slight_smile:
The Scorched Earth mission A Time To Every Purpose has stopped me (and others) cold so rather than keep complaining on wiki sites I got delegated to come here and request the mission be fixed or preferably just deleted so we can move on with the game.

Been waiting 4 and half months for someone to reactivate my lifetime sub as lifetime patron in swl… :_(

Damn. That sucks.

Huge thanks to @AndyB for looking into my ticket and converting my grand master package to lifetime patron in swl. Tq very much