How long does server migration take?

I posted this a day or two ago but in a different section. No response there so trying it here :slight_smile:

Server migration for me is this coming week.

Anyone know long the server migration takes?

Like if funcom starts migrating at 13:00, when will it be ready for me to log on to the newly merged server?


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712 seconds.

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Per player? :thinking::smiley:

Yes, that’s per player - but the hitch is that it’s per player across all servers so you will need to multiply that by about 12,000.

Ok thanks for the inside knowledge!
Great to find out how it works behind the curtain :laughing:

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We logged into the server the evening of the day after the merge and all was good!

Nothing lost for any of the clan members! :+1:

The hardest part was for those in the clan without the full encumbrance perk walking to someone’s map room all the way at the noob river :joy:

I had planned to place a map room near the spawn point but found out you can’t build there :slight_smile:


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