How many alts do you have on 2k19?

I have 2, doc and enforcer. Started a second fixer just for buffs and hot/gsf that I will NEVER actually do anything with.

Just my one lvl 20 MP atm :slight_smile:


I have two paid accounts, been multiboxing 2 sets:

first: enf + doc (for helping groups/doing group stuff)
sec: mp + crat (pet class domination + nanoprogramming on the mp for implants)

both sets aren’t twenty yet, around 14-15 because I still really enjoy rk1, dual boxing 2 MPs, just hit 206 on both.


only my soldier. but saved alot of names :wink:

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I have 4 chars. Only plan on continuing 2 of them until endgame, though. One is just a bank char on my second account.

doc, sold, fix, engi

and couple NTs --> NT in every range will make life easy (kiting in SL :D)

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Same here. Glad my favourite prof always feels op right through early and mid levels. Got a trader to 10 too but decided 1 toons enough for this server and shelved him.

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Trox Engie
Trox Soldier
Trox NT
Trox Fixer
Trox Crat
Trox Trader
Trox MP
Nanomage Doc (omg a freak!)

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omg 7 freaks and one normal one :smiley: :innocent:

If you aint grown in a Vat you’re not perfect and a freak! All my guys are perfectly grown in a vat and come with quality certificates :stuck_out_tongue:

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all 10 lol

20 Trader
20 Engy
20 NT

All the rest range from 5 to 10. (Advie, MP, etc…)

No Soldier or MA. Might buy 2 more slots to do them also lol

Dont get me wrong, I’m not super twinking so I have time.
I’m just rolling solo missions and buying what I can with the 50-100k I make a day in missions, wearing found armors/weapons etc… wearing store bought imps. I havent even taken them to the Subway yet lol I just like to do solo missions and chat in OOC or Guild chat. The sh*t posting in OOC is hilarious right now lol!

I’m sure if I focused on one toon and tried to make him uber-items/imps I would only have 1 or 2 toons but I’m not in it to do that. I just want to have fun!
And playing a new toon every day or every few hours is like playing a new game. An Engy doesnt play like a Trader, who doesnt play like a Doc, who doesnt play like Enf.

So far, I have an MA, but will be rolling toons on my 2nd account soon. RL is getting in the way, so I haven’t been on as much as I’d like.

4 (2 paid accts) well technically 20 due to name saving, I don’t MB, outside of my “mains” of soldier & fixer they’re for buffing and really learning new profs

Currently I’m not really playing but made a copy of all my toons and their names.

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Enf, crat, sold, nt, eng, mp. All troxes, all clans :muscle: