How many days until customer support ticket is answered?

Just curious what the typical holiday workload is?

I had purchased the game when it first released but my computer couldn’t handle it so I promptly uninstalled a month after release. In 2012 my account must have been hacked because it says my account was banned then.

I’m guessing the customer support ticket is my only option at this point but it’s been 8 days and haven’t gotten a response yet.

Sorry to tell you, but you are going to have to wait a lot longer, normally for subs its about 2-3 months, guessing it will be longer now after the holidays.

Best bet would probably be to just make a new account tbh.

Anyways, take care.

What took a month at release takes just a few days or a week to do now. I would guess you really don’t have any Higher level characters. You may want to consider just creating a new account and starting from scratch.

The issue is I don’t want to create some bogus email account just for the game. Plus I’d prefer to keep my same login ID name, otherwise I would just create a new account.

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You do not need a different email account to create a new player account.


Ok thanks for the information, I’m just going to wait it out until they respond to my ticket. I’ll update this post when they do so other folks have an accurate measurement for wait time. So far 9 days and no response.