How many emotes are in the emote bundle?

Dont act like you cant read my question… 5, 10, 15 , 8008?

What if…bear with me, i told you the answer to your question. How would you know if i am lying? Also, how would you know if i pretended to understand the question?



It is a number which is < 0


There is already a thread running for questions of this type! Other than that you do have the trust level to apply this question directly to an admin here! All it will take is patience for the answer, nothing else :man_shrugging:. Yet , if a person like @Narelle gives you an answer, I believe that you already have it!
Feel free to share respect as it’s been given to you, it doesn’t hurt.
Have a nice weekend fellow exile!

Lol I just gave a random number :smiley: You can get as many emotes as your credit card can cover :rofl:



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