Don’t you feel they block your movements? Sometimes even having one irks me and that dungeon is not very generous in terms of space. I would go nutts navigating those little nooks with two thralls. But I will definitely try the war party perk.

They can, you have to be careful with two of them. Since I am in my SP game, I have had to use ghost mode to get unstuck from them.

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I had to use it today in the Black Keep, playing co-op with my son, but only the first time I entered it @Cattibria . I got paralyzed. What happens constantly is getting frozen after using the transportory stone in co-op. When I arrive, I am at the top of the bubble. Only ghost releases me and the corruption only strikes a few minutes later. It’s no biggie, but I wonder if this bug has been reported. I plan accordingly, but was too lazzy to file a report. Ah, and my son doesn’t get corruption when traveling (he is “pulled” when I travel, obviously, so he actually just teleports, not using the stone). He can’t use the stone himself, naturally, because I’m hosting the game.

The only thing that annoyed me when I took a thrall and a pet with me (Brutus Siptah) was that the opponents, especially the bosses were attacking only Brutus. No mater how hard I tried to gain the focus of each boss on me, three bosses in the row attacked only Brutus. Of course the last one was the judge and Brutus fell! I don’t know if that was a lucky incident, but it was enough for me not to do it again!
I would really appreciate your feedback in this one and if you can, please try to take with you a Brutus! I would really love to learn if it was just a lucky (unlucky) incident!
I do call them idiot, but this does not mean that I don’t care for my thralls and pets! If they die, I see it as a personal failure, so I prefer not to take followers with me than see them dieing in battles. I wouldn’t care to loose zombies of curse, but it’s not my thing, I like zombies, but I don’t if you can understand me :wink:.
Thank you!

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You can remove that “irritate” function from the first Authority perk via “E” menu on each thrall. So the enemies will go agro after you, if you activelly participate in the combat.

You will find this in the Behavior section.


I play on consoles, but I surely understand what you just said!
You just saved my thralls and me from despair!
I wish one day I have the chance to give you back my dear friend :+1:t6:.

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Yes, unless you are with a very weak build, better turn off irritate because it will keep your enemies on the thrall, @stelagel . Didn’t know pets had the same feature. Go to the radial under behavior and you’ll see it.
However, there are situations when using it is really handy, like when you want to capture a npc yourself instead of using the thrall. Just order the follower to attack an enemy with urritate on and go after the one you want. They will focus on your thrall and leave you alone to knock out the one you want. Unless your thrall us a serious killer, you should be able to KO the npc you want faster than he can turn to it. I used this method in Sepermeru and it worked like a charm.

out of curiosity, did you turn off the Antagonize ability via the Follower Wheel of Choice?

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