How many is too many satellite bases?

I’m not excluding them.

With the introduction of teleport stones I run one main base, and outposts just large enough for the tp stone in the biomes I’m not built in.


So then you have to include the ToC.

Is this some kind of roundabout way of “discussing” building limits again?

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If you’ve read that, then you’ve read misinformation. Here the official information we have from Funcom:

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Im starting to think he’s confusing himself

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aaaa your just pullen my leg :laughing:

Three is usually enough.

One main and two satellites

And my satellites are small and dont interfere with anything.

Some folks are gonna get turfed soon for such massive bases ive seen.

Taking up a grid square on the map even half of it, prepare to be nuked.


we need more clear rules for land claim anyway…
and new block zones (so people wont be nuked for building there after two months of fair calm play)

What would be the point? No one can agree on what the clear rules should be, how they should be said, or how they are enforced. Try it, make a post making a suggestion and watch it get nitpicked to pieces.

That’s one of the reasons FC won’t do it. When the rules say ‘don’t be a dick’ and people go ‘well I don’t know how to not be a dick.’ What is the point?

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Hard to make suggestions and ask questions when we get nothing from the company. All we get is a bunch of opinions most of which come from people not even playing on official severs. Including you

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As long as building is not malicious, I could care less how many bases folks have on my servers.

What is malicious?

  • Building so close to another player that your purge spawns inside their base
  • Blocking recourses
  • Despawning camps or world bosses
  • Blocking POIs
  • Blocking convenient paths
  • Dropping foundations/placables at the edge of another player’s build to inhibit expansion

There may be more, but those will force me into admin mode without warning. I hate going into admin mode. If I do, the offending structure and all associated pets/thralls are eliminated. If that means the player/clan never comes to my servers again, good riddance.

I play the game to build, my servers are for folks who abide by the single rule:

“Don’t be a dick,”

I don’t play on official servers because I find the malleable ToS and “reporting as a strategy” environment toxic. This game is a way to decompress for me, if that means I play on my servers solo, that’s cool.


Does that matter? If so answer this question:

Do you have an entitlement to play on and be provided official servers because you bought the game?

Because if you do, then I do as well, which means I have just as much say as you do. I bought the game just like you did. We cannot be different if there is an entitlement to play. We can only be different if there is an assumption that officials are given as-is with no expectation as a favor and not part of the product.

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Still doesn’t change the fact that we get zero feedback and arguments that go no where.

This is all to common

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They used to. When this first dropped I chatted with the devs a few times. But drama. People got mean, hateful, badgering and so on. No one wants to deal with that every time they post.

Community manager is a job no one seems to want. All we can do is shout in to the void and hope some one hears.

Is FC required to for officials? Or are they simply private servers with special tags that can be ran however they wish?

Let me put this into perspective. If I play on a private server, and I have the same concerns as you about how its ran. I probably wouldn’t be able to air that dirty laundry in these general forums. First thing is people are going to be irritated that the general forums are cluttered with such things, and rightfully so. Next thing is such topic will likely be locked and delisted (actually not likely, they do get locked and delisted, quickly even). But more or less the expectation is to use whatever means to deal with the owners/admin of the server on the thing they use.

Usually this is discord or some forum if they’re old school. Hell they can even setup their own Zendesk if they wanted. Prices start at the cost of a 15 man CE server. But its also generally agreed that such nonsense should stay there.

Why are officials different? They are official because they are official?

This is interesting because I do consider them simply to be servers provided as a favor by FC. To administer however they wish, with as much effort as they wish to put in. This includes the idea of multiple bases. They can decide that you are allowed 2 bases but your neighbor is allowed 3. Just because they feel like it.

How would I like if a private server did this? Obviously I wouldn’t. I also don’t play on such servers. Special tag doesn’t change that fact. But for some, it does. Why?

So again, are you (and by extension everyone who paid for the game) entitled to play on such server? Because this goes into the very heart of this topic. I think everyone can agree that players shouldn’t be dicks to one another regardless of what server you are on simply because human beings shouldn’t be dicks to one another in general. That should go without saying. So that philosophical question has long been answered before this thread was even created.

So if there is any other guidelines it comes down to whatever preference is that of the owner of the server. As it is their property to do with as they wish. How many satellite bases one is allowed also comes under this.

Its sort of like the local car dealership that offers drinks and snacks (like good ones too, some baked goods in there) for those waiting for their car to be serviced. There’s no rule posted about how many drinks or how much food you can take. But usually people do so in moderation. Everyone would agree that if someone decided to abuse that and fill up a cooler with drinks and snacks that takes away from everyone else that they would be asked to leave. Rightfully so. What is interesting is I’ve actually never partook in said drinks and snacks (usually eat lunch before going there for whatever recall or other thing I’ve taken my car in for), but everyone would agree that my opinion on someone being a dick with a cooler is valid.

Officials are no different in that regard. My opinion on someone making enough bases to be a nuisance is likewise valid here.

Not sure where I said they are required to… point is it’s poor costumer service and again arguments that go nowhere. Type all you want about justifying their actions but those are just your opinions as they tend not to say anything. If I noticed that the vast majority of the playerbase didn’t like the rules then personally I’d try a little harder to make those rules clearer or go a little easier on enforcement. As it is now they are losing a lot of players due to their faulty rules/enforcement and the lack of fixes. Justify it all you want man but it won’t change the absolute mess on official severs. No no one is forcing anyone to play on them but what kind of mindset is that? It’s so easy to say go private go private but that doesn’t make the game any better it just pushes the issue aside. New players will join and suffer the same fate. They will leave and the population will slowly dwindle down to another forgotten game.

Let me save you the time in typing another letter. You won’t be changing my mind on the subject as I’m sure I won’t for you.

If they stopped supporting the officials, the game wouldn’t die. And there is evidence that it would still grow as major updates come out.

I don’t care. I’m not here to be your friend.

Bold statement as I bet the number of people who have left after seeing what a mess 3.0 has been it’s pretty high. Of course this is just my assumption

Well it saved you from another long post I suppose