How many Official servers are there supposed to be?



Hi, i thought there were supposed to be around 1,000 Official servers, but when i was on Battle Metrics page it only had 425, but 25 min. later i was checking something else and noticed it was down to 417 Official servers :face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes::thinking:


There are currently 1159 official servers available over all regions and platforms :slight_smile:


Hi, right now when i checked, its counting 420, that are showing in the list. Idk, maybe im reading something wrong, Official servers = true, count 420 :thinking:


I have no idea how that site works but I know for a fact that we have 1159 active official servers :slight_smile:


After another poster posted a screenshot of their monitor listing a server that is official (a south American one I think) that battle metrics website lists as a private 10 person server in a different time zone โ€ฆ I suspect that the website is not collecting/reporting Conan exiles servers accurately

Edit: and I just searched battlemetrics website for these two servers (3985 and 3995) and neither appear


I was actually trying to help that person, but apparently battlemetrics is no longer a reliable tool. Not everybody nows how to check if their servers on or offline, plus alot of other useful information,

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