How many time admins need to ban undermesh?

maybe a week or two in normal situations, right now i can’t say

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2 weeks maybe. It also depends on how many people post about it I think. :confused:

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I’ve had a report about undermesh base in for over a month. I had video and picture proof. Base is still there =)

These people that lives undermesh especially in official servers are like rats. Too many of them. Until funcom comes out with a way to prevent undermeshing all together. My biggest problem now is just speedhacking. which doesnt get enough attention .

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If I have to wait more than a month, I’d rather delete the game. Their spitting attitude isn’t the first time.


How many years have developers been ignoring problem of cheaters and closing topics about cheaters. Over 2? Maybe many players (including me) should look at other games, where they will receive quality support for the money spent.

I’ve thought about deleting the game as well. I have almost 6000 hours i’ve played with and against the best EU and NA players. Private servers got boring because of admin interference. Decided to try officials and now currently having a chinese clan undermeshed into the statue at c9. Four of them also have speed hacks and it just makes the game unbearable lol.

Reported their base with pictures of the base inside the structure, sent videos of them using a chair to mesh into it and also videos of them speed hacking. They’re still griefing the server. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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let me guess, VOC?

Yeah same problem we have. Can’t raid them because can’t place our own chair. Can’t use drawbridge method either because they have the bottom entrance blocked with foundation.

Can’t use Rhino to push us through because it’s patched. Only 1 option is using Turtle but i’m not sure if its patched or not either. Also hard to blow a hole to get into the opening because the minute we attack them they all login. Impossible to fight vs 4 speed hackers lol

I’ll wait no more than 1 month. If there is no result, I will say goodbye to this game. Game become unplayable.

1-3 days … for me: just write normal and short explaining base problem with some images/video, server name , location, grid and map screenshot

for my problem they solved it in 4 days

  1. day 1 i writed report about idiots who put sandstone foundations on Boss and quest spawns and build blocks
  2. day 2 - they answered me by asking exact location of buildings
  3. Day 3 - they said bot answer that no info will be given but they will take action
  4. day 4 All guys buildings in server was deleted and no more they play on this server…

Tho that was my first report :smiley: maybe i just got lucky…

I writed 4 days ago with screenshots, detailed descriptions of buildings, locations, etc. Still waiting. Chinese are still playing.

well i sended just 6 hours ago one report/question to them, i got answer already from support that they will send it further imidiatly…( sorry for mis-spelling this word maybe ) but also they said sorry that they may not act on hit…
“We’re currently experiencing a high volume of tickets and response might be delayed.”
also that they will look on my report closer a bit later… just be patient . maybe they just accidentally passed by ur ticket

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One of the biggest issues is I never know if it actually has been resolved a cheating infaction, like we dont need details but a “we have investigated this report and took the appropriate action” so you know its been sorted and not forgotten
would be nice

In my opinion, the Funcom team has already resigned. Undermeshing bases still exist on the EU 1203 PVP server. Was reported, but nothing happened.

In order not to get an inappropriate flag here again, of course I do not post the Coords.

I am no longer astonished. It is made extremely easy for the exploiters here. You just have to look at the video platforms on the net with certain tags.

And even if you found out the exploits happened … drum roll … nothing.

I no longer play the game as such, just log in to reset the expiration counter and just hope that the management will wake up and take action.

Its our fault. Players keep buying dlc and keep playing this broken game. We support funcom and any decisions they make by continuing to pump money into dlc buys. That has to stop. If the players didnt purchase a new dlc every 4 months there would be very little financial resources for funcom to use on development. It would send the message that we are nolonger interested in pretty things. And want the game fixed, foremost over anything else. I have gone from 60+hrs a week on conan down to 14 minutes a week. I will not buy another dollar worth of content for this game until it is fixed. I encourage others to do the same…


Hey there,

Conan Exiles, unlike Funcom’s MMO’s, does not use the ticketing system. You should not send tickets or e-mails to Funcom or its PR for in-game issues.

Instead, please follow the steps provided here:

For methods to report issues, see Useful links.