How many were scammed

Hi, just wondering how many other players were totally pissed that purchased the “Intermediate Bundle” (or other ones) only to find out it can’t be opened in your 24 slot bag because it needs 25. This is such a scam, because the other option is to ALSO buy the insanely priced “max bag”. This is what I submitted with support:

hi, today was purchased 1 “intermediate bundle” from you, however, (as I’m sure you know) that it can’t be opened! it is NOT stated anywhere that it needs 25 open slots in the bag. It seems that I and anyone else purchasing this item have been scammed. I cannot find anything in your “shop” to add additional bag slots other than the “max” one which would cost an insane amount of cash. You are losing the only followers you have left on this game, and ANY FUTURE GAMES that “FUNCOM” is thinking about. Never have I came across such a blatant display of thievery as you are doing here. ONE BAG SLOT!! If you won’t remedy this by either adding 1 BAG SLOT or refunding the $19.99 that I spent then I am going to submit a fraud claim with my bank and also post all of this online. I am an avid player at many other online game sites and DO post things good and bad. Please make things right with this, you’ve already lost 93.6% of followers with FUNCOM Conan. It’s disgraceful how you treat players, and worst of all, how you do it with such finesse :confused:

Are you sure this is the right game? Because I have no idea what you are talking about.

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You and me both…

Pretty sure this is meant to be in Age of Conan, not Conan Exiles. Also, you might want to remove that tag, I see nothing related to discord in your post.

I think if you are going to claim fraud on a purchase you authorized, that is fraud. Good luck with that…

We can buy bundles? What’s in a bundle, the skulls of my enemies, some peyote? Don’t tell me you tried to buy brains online… everyone knows they only come in packs of 25…

Uhm yeah… nice weather today don’t you think?


Though this post is not likely to make you less annoyed at the situation you face, it might help you understand why there aren’t many complaints about the issue and hence why funcom hasn’t addressed it …

…If this is related to the Age of Conan game, then you can buy larger bags inside the game with ingame coin … ie not through the game shop. They are sold at General Goods vendors, Veteran reward point vendors (if a very old account you might have these from when it was a subscription only game and you got some each month), or on the trader.

Therefore it’s likely that other people who have purchased the “Intermediate “ bundle had already upgraded their ingame bag and therefore have not encountered your issue of being unable to open that bundle.

I have noticed in the last year or so that they are coding so if you don’t have enough inventory space that you can’t open the item … this is probably to address the issues that occurred when it wasn’t coded like that … Namely that you could open the box/bag/bundle and all items that could NOT fit into your inventory would be dropped into a bag AT YOUR FEET … with a despawn timer on it !!! So if you didn’t notice that you were missing something and collected the bag then you would lose it forever … as it wouldn’t be recorded in a way a GM could track to restore it to you.
Alternatively sometimes the overflow would go into your “claims” section (not ingame store rewards) … which was better as you could get them later. This is happening now when you get a “daily challenge” chest with insufficient bag space.

If you wish a refund then I do suggest opening a ticket to Funcom support email requesting the item removal from your account and refund issued. Funcom has warned they have a backlog of petitions and support requests so expect this will take over three working days to be responded to by one of their customer support personnel. From other posts regarding account issues, the advice given is to initiate a email to Funcom support as they can’t resolve them via the forums.

If it turns out this is not for Age of Conan then most of info is not helpful and I’ll delete the post. I’ve flagged the OP post for a moderator to check which sub-forum it should be in to move as appropriate.

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Not 3 days, I sent an e-mail 8 days ago and I still didn’t get any response at all. Customer service at its best.

I find it funny that you update your membership to get more than 10 quests then you get the message “your quest inventory is full” :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been able to open your Intermediate Bundle, yet. We can’t help with in-game issues like this through the forums, but this is something we’ll be happy to help you with if you submit an in-game petition. You can open the petition interface using the “/petition” command in your chat window.

After your petition has been received, it may take several days to process as we are currently experiencing some service delays due to heavy support traffic. We’re working to help everyone who’s been waiting for assistance as swiftly as we can. Your patience in this matter is greatly appreciated.