How many will complete Saga before it ends?


Look, are you a native English speaker? please read my earlier posts. I said “content” and this includes the raid part and my point was he needed a good team to do it. Now I never suggested he did a raid on his own or that he should do a raid on his own. never. My point is he had good support. Not everyone was so lucky

Please read the posts before making accusations.


Um you said earlier that you said he did it alone. But hey… Maybe English is not your first language ? Since you accused me of the same…





Calm down please.


Being accused of stating the exact polar opposite of what I said, kinda has that effect.


The server will still be online for more than a month, a lot of people already did the quest, of course it will be harder to get PUG raids now since some people already quit because they are simply done.
Still, a lot of people, especially guilds, are still raiding regulary, there is always a spot free and often people will make room for someone who did not complete his / her quest yet. Raids are now easier than they were when the quest wasnt able to update due to the RF not being active, people have far better gear now, most people farm RF 24/7 and have several full T4 sets since weeks already. The better gear makes the raids obviously easier since bosses are far more forgiving if you tank and heal in T4 gear than in T1 gear.

I have seen a lot of people who completed the quest, several people even created new accounts to do the quest again, some of them were new players that want to test out new classes and they were still able to do the quest 2 times. I have also seen people who have no idea about their class, they simply play incredible bad but they still had the T6 weapons because they searched for a guild and a raid that could carry them through there. I do no recommend letting someone carry you through raids, I actually hate people like that (for me they are the same as the RF AFKers) but even that way you can get the weapon, minimum effort, just look for a guild, thats basically all you need to do.

Time zone might be a problem for some people but thats not a problem of the quest, making it easier is no option because it the T6 weapons would become a throwaway, people creating several accounts, farming T4 gear in a few weeks (due to the saga server relic bonus) and getting T6 weapons really quick for all classes.

Saying to put effort into the completion of the saga quest is not being elitist when a lot of new players were already able to do the quest several times by now. Calling Kantakwa elitist is really not nice, you don’t even know what she does for the german community, leading the biggest german guild that unites almost all german players, veterans as well as new players, she explains everything in the raids for the new people and leads a lot of raids during the week so that all guild members can complete their quest. I bet if you asked any of the new players in the guild if Kantakwa was “elitist” they would say no. It makes me really mad when people who put their heart and soul into something get called elitist, privileged and so on while the accuser doesn’t even know about all the work thats behind the success.


As I see it, to complete Saga ( nerfed or not) you need 1. Several free hours a day to wait for a pug 2. Have gear,exp,voice chat 3. Be in a large raiding guild. It is no biggie that many won’t complete we still got a bit of good stuff but to claim it is easy to unless you meet the 3 points is a bit of a challenge to say the least. Effort = how much time you have and many don’t have a lot for a video game


I don’t qualify for 1 and 3, and yet I completed the quest on one char, soon on two. The gear you get when reaching 80 unless you’re a soldier, and that gear you can get in Khitai dungeons and Raid Finder quite easily.


You don’t need to be in a large raiding guild to do the Saga quest, and you don’t necessarily need gear, exp, voice chat either but it would help.


So basicly you dont actually need anything to do the saga quest, considering any class with t1 outside of tanks is fine in t4. Only tanks need bit more that you get in day or two by doing rf + dungeons.

“and many don’t have a lot for a video game” Well then I guess game like this is not suited for those without too much time in their hands, may I suggest single player games?


This is my observations for my life which I realize different people have different situations. And now I am invited to leave the game. This is a the problem with the community. I am not complaining, only offering my viewpoint and since that view doesn’t agree with others, I am not suited to play. This is sad.


If you are unable to have decent blocks of playtime or regular schedule, you will have trouble doing the more difficult items in a mmo. You can either accept that it will take you longer to accomplish these things or maybe better for you to move to a single player game where your playtime is less of an issue and your progression can be at your leisure.


I never said I was disappointed, mad, or anything along those lines and I do accept with limited time all things will take longer. I guess I don’t understand why I should leave because of my statements regarding my viewpoint regarding Saga completion. I accept there will disagreement but simply because of that, I didn’t expect such judgement. To each their own

  1. it will seem strange but if you want to be a soloist you obviously need more hours available.
    If you are part of a guild there will be a calendar and you just have to show up for the raid.
    if you do not want to be part of a guild, you have to wait for the coincidence of a PUG, you wait for a train that you do not know what time it passes and if it passes.
  2. you start with T1, T1 is enough for Khitai, Khitai is enough for T4 (because was that, we had, when T4 was new content end/game, my first real T4 i was geared full Tiger with some Hirka itams for costit/armor when need). This should have gived you enough EXP, because when people ask EXP mean EXP in use your character. This is something that ultimately is not at all obvious. I can easily explain a fight to you but it’s not like I can do a tanking/healing/dps for dummies courses everytime.
    Vocal I have never understood why they are considered such an instrument of the devil.
    They are not necessary (if you know what to do) but they certainly help and if a person is not experienced, they should consider them a blessing.
    I can explain to you the fight instead of writing, I can call you, instantly, spells/commands/what to do, lightening to you the task to staring the castbars or the chat so you are free to be focused on fight and still you do not like you?
    For me is amazing also only for social :slight_smile:
  3. Absolutly you not need a big, large, guild. 20/22 people are enough for T4 and they can easly fill empty spot with pugs!


you see, the forum has always been the natural habitat of evil elitists to exchange information and do what you do not like to do, play AoC.
Even if you cry, screech and whim, you will not find much support here about the fact that you have to have your T6 weapon just because you are here.
You continue to refuse so many useful and friendly advice because you are of the idea that since you are at stake you have to be rewarded, you can not get to the point that playing is the reward and the shining weapon is the consequence.

You self have said and affirmed that now as now the weapon T6 is more symbolic than anything else, you want to explain me, to give the T6 to you without making even raids below the level of the weapon itself, it is a symbol of what? Of human decadence achieved by modern society, where is the participation to be rewarded and not the work? Symble of everything is due and nothing earned?
Exactly what do you complain about and what do you want?


This thread is turning into a mess. Please stop flagging and attacking each other, or you’re all getting time-outs.


I managed not to say even a dirty word, I was very good :rofl:


I don’t understand people who say if other people don’t or can’t attend some guild scheduled events, they should play a single player game.

If the only reason to log-in is for your own guild scheduled raids progression, all you need is a lobby instance and your guildmates, not an mmorpg as you are not interested in interactions with other players in the game world, questing, factions, crafting, trading, gathering, pvping, world boss, group/raid finder tools or dungeons.

mmorpgs are about players interaction and freedom in a game world, not just your own guild events preference.

Getting more than 10% better gear than in dungeons in aoc for organizing 24 people RL time for an in-game guild event and the same average player skill required than in 6-man is all nice and dandy and it makes you feel spoiled but it doesn’t make your playstyle more important than the rest as it’s certainly not the hardest or most played regardless of the mmorpg.



I have never moved any form of objection to the idea of being in a pug.
For me who should be in a single player game is who does not want interaction with others at all.
But it is obvious that having a guild organized with organized events helps you to better manage your time.
I have recommended it to the objection “but you need to invest too much time, to wait for a pug to start”
You need be lucky a pug of event you interessed start, that it need your class and you are the faster to tell the leader.
Yes, need more time, you can not have a drunken wife and a barrel full.


Indeed. The attacks came at me simply because I simple shared my viewpoint. What does this tell us? Good luck to the Saga players