How many will complete Saga before it ends?


I don’t understand people who say if other people don’t or can’t attend some guild scheduled events, they should play a single player game.

If the only reason to log-in is for your own guild scheduled raids progression, all you need is a lobby instance and your guildmates, not an mmorpg as you are not interested in interactions with other players in the game world, questing, factions, crafting, trading, gathering, pvping, world boss, group/raid finder tools or dungeons.

mmorpgs are about players interaction and freedom in a game world, not just your own guild events preference.

Getting more than 10% better gear than in dungeons in aoc for organizing 24 people RL time for an in-game guild event and the same average player skill required than in 6-man is all nice and dandy and it makes you feel spoiled but it doesn’t make your playstyle more important than the rest as it’s certainly not the hardest or most played regardless of the mmorpg.



I have never moved any form of objection to the idea of being in a pug.
For me who should be in a single player game is who does not want interaction with others at all.
But it is obvious that having a guild organized with organized events helps you to better manage your time.
I have recommended it to the objection “but you need to invest too much time, to wait for a pug to start”
You need be lucky a pug of event you interessed start, that it need your class and you are the faster to tell the leader.
Yes, need more time, you can not have a drunken wife and a barrel full.


Indeed. The attacks came at me simply because I simple shared my viewpoint. What does this tell us? Good luck to the Saga players


Not sure what class you play but t6 weapon really isn’t that great and I’m often using t4 weapons over the t6.
Also I’m in a guild we often have many free spots for random globals …it’s usually those random globals who are the most impatient and leave if a few wipes happen. Often they are so focused on just getting their quest done rather than learning raiding tactics… mostly likely because if and when they get their t6 weapon we won’t see them again.