How often are new Official Servers added to PC?

It’s difficult to find a decent location on servers that have been out for longer than a couple of weeks. How long before new Official PC servers are added?

I highly doubt they’ll add more servers as the current servers are already losing population quickly. The games life expectancy is not looking good, but that’s business as usual for Funcom. Release a half finished game with a lot of potential and then fixing things after the game has already begun dying. AoC was an amazing MMO, but Funcom released an unfinished product and took far to long to finish it. At that point, the game was already sentenced to death. And AoC is a far more interesting and complex game than Exiles. The future of exiles is bleak, I’m afraid.

Unlikely to have more official servers but there are constantly dedicated ones popping up to join and if you “shop” a bit you can find ones with decent admins and actual moderation being done so griefers are less common. I highly recommend staying away from official servers game play on those is all around worse

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