How rare is the Kiln recipe?

We are traiding roughly 30 shards per day for around 2 weeks, getting tons of duplicate recipies, but none of us ever saw Kiln. How rare is this recipe?

Sometimes I think the game knows what you want and doesnt give you that :smiley: (like me not getting that damn black-blood skinning knife! But have every other tool >7times…).

Never knew what this even was and got it after my 5th attempt… I just wanted the Bindings of the Dead and had it after ~40 tries. The 41 try was again Bindings of the Dead recipe… Since then I never bothered to use it.
Maybe the essence of rot would still be nice (and I only miss 2-3 others).

Someone with a dev-kit (PC only) could look at the rates, if every item has the same chance or if some are more rare than others.


My educated guess would be that they’re all equally rare. It’s the option that makes the most sense. In my single player I’ve collected every recipe and several duplicates of most in about a hundred tries - including several kiln recipes.

That’s unfortunately the thing with randomness - someone, somewhere, ends up flipping a coin a thousand times and has it land on the heads face every time.

I agree with @Kapoteeni.

For example I had your same problem, except one of the tons of duplicated recipe was the kiln one and I had to trade with other players the one I was unable to find (kinscourge statue).

Can I say I really hate this mechanic ? It reminds me the awful times I was unable to complete a sticker album when I was kid :sweat_smile:

I know the feeling exactly. And just as I didn’t have any friends with whom to trade the stickers as a kid, now I’m playing CE in Solo mode.

But, at least I have all the recipes now. Still missing a few stickers from my He-Man album.


I got all the recipes eventually. My wife has all but faux taxidermy.
We must have spent more than 200 fragments to get them.
A better way they could do this would be to make use of the 4 scroll cases in there. 1 each for weapons, statues, work stations/furniture and misc.


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