How Shambala can crash

There is an issue with Shambala if you revive at the end of a game of shambala. The game handles conflicting loading screens (the revive load and the out of shambala load) pretty poorly.
I imagine it a problem in other cases where you can stack loading screens too but in shambala it’s the most obvious.
Not really sure what can be done about it or the resources it would take but definitly something to take note of.

This sounds like the same problem that happens when a vote to retreat occurs in dungeon while a player is loading into an Anima Well. Anytime you die and a vote to retreat is initiated before your avatar has had a chance to load in the nearest Anima Well, the game freezes on the loading screen.

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I would say it’s definitly the same issue. The game has a problem with conflicting loading screens. I never had that issue in dungeons but that’s probably half luck and half because I don’t run as many dungeons as I could.

With the upcoming MEGAversary Shambala Event I wanted to raise this bug, but am glad to see it already posted - so bump at least.

Perhaps warranting a separate bug thread, but also Shambala bug (or rather Raid bug) is the health bars of raid members not displaying properly. This happens often enough in all raids so i’m sure everyone is aware of this. Reloading ui corrects the issue, if at least only temporarily, but also wipes chat messages.
The repeated /reloading ui chat wipes, death/loading freeze and other irregular game crashes within the short time-frame of Shambala makes joining an event chat channel too short, too disjointed, and too frequent.

Edit: Despite chat wipes and crashes (which could be mostly avoided with the knowledge not to resurrect at the end of a match), keeping abreast of pvp event chat was not too difficult.
However some other bugs became apparent, one being the pvp invite window appearing on entering a match. /Reloading the ui results in ejection and deserter buff.
And also the that the Shambala queue remains despite entering a dungeon or raid.

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