How the Reporting Process Works?

  1. Zero in on a clan/player base thats exploiting the rules.
  2. Go to a lot of effort to document the evidence, XYZ Cords, Player Names, Screenshots etc.
  3. Appeal to Funcom @Community for help.
  4. Get automated message which basically summary is “we may or may not agree to even look into this”
  5. Wait for said server population to die of players due to folks cheating
  6. Uninstall the game, shake fist at Funcom, complain on forum.
  7. Wait for moderator of forum to cite some vague community guideline rule which distills down to “please don’t criticise us”
  8. Stare in disbelief How can a company spend so much time and money creating demand generation for a DLC but spend so little to retain the generation of new audience they want to keep.

Insert something something about private servers here…and pay attention to step 6.

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