How to add the blacklistfeats?

i mean how to add it ?
i do as the defaultserversettings.ini
for ex i wanna add 18404 into the featsblacklis
how to do that?
is this the right way?

when i done this ,and restart the server ,it doesnt work !!
so anyone who know the right way to add it ?

I’m not an expert on server settings, but from what I know about the INI file format in general, I would say that the BlacklistedFeats line neds to go inside the FeatsBlacklist section, i.e. after the [FeatsBlacklist] line.

you mean like this ?
still cant work

Is it in the serversettings.ini or defaultserversettings.ini?

official update notes said its in the defaultserversettings.ini

and i found this in it …

but i also copy this into the serversettings.ini

but doesnt work