How to be a pro PC bug hunter (PLEASE READ)

How to properly report a bug:

We rely heavily on our forums to identify what issues you Exiles run into. You can help us identify and prioritize bugs faster, by making sure you post in the right category and keep it organized. It will also ensure that we know which areas we get the most input for and what to focus on.

Additionally, before you make a post, please read through these guidelines. They are in place to ensure our team can collect input as efficiently and fast as possible and get back to you with questions if necessary.

  • Has it been reported already?
    Please make sure you do a search to check if that specific bug has already been reported. You are free to add to the existing topic if you have any additional information but please don’t create additional threads as it won’t help with solving an issue quicker. Quite the contrary, it creates more work for the support team to look through posts and collect the relevant info.

  • ONE Issue per post
    If you have found several bugs please don’t list them all in one topic but create a new post for each issue (also see above and don’t create a new thread for an already existing issue). Alternatively, please don’t bring up additional issues in a thread that is about a specific bug.

We are aware that lists are fun but it makes it very hard to find specific issues and posts related only to that specific problem. We also tend to link threads to the developers and having them look through a wall of text that is not relevant to a specific issue is not the most efficient way for them to gather info.

  • Be as specific as you can
    We can recreate the issue easier when we understand the details of what happened and in turn can help the devs resolving it more quickly. Be as detailed as possible and let us know the steps that led to the issue.
    • Create an informative Title
    • Which game mode are you playing on? Online Official / Online Private / Single-Player
    • What Server Type? PvP / PvE-Conflict / PvE

Our team can resolve the issue more quickly when they understand exactly what happened and can recreate it. We might ask you for clarification and more details. That does not mean we haven’t read your original post but we might need more info to ensure we are noting down and addressing the specific issue in question.

How to properly report an Exploit:

We have a [dedicated Program] with rewards for players who help us hunt down, understand and fix exploits. Please note that this program is NOT for reporting players who are using exploits.

Thank your for being part of our community and for helping us improve Conan Exiles :slight_smile:

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