How to become a big clan of Death

First you need a big clan min of 10. Always leave 3 active players at your clan base. Ally with 1-2 clans. Offer small 2-4 person clans protect if they ally with you. If you have room new allies can be added to your clan. Make sure everyone in your clan can be trusted.
Every person has a role. Everyone should be able to make weapons and armor. Everyone should have harvest tools unlock.
Thrall Master/zoo keeper: Pet and thrall baby sitter.
Builder: Builds and upgrades base.
Blacksmith: makes repair kits armors and weapons. Makes sure the forge has fuel and resources needed.
Leader: Leader of your clan. Always have players do something.
Subleader: Loyal and trusted player who leads when leader not thier.
Tempy job
Scouts: Scouting team use to detect enemies ,resource spots and etc.
Everyone a guard all the time.
Everyone but blacksmith,thrall master and builder are resource farmers.
The bigger your farming team the more resources gather.
The point in getting max amout of clan members you can is for offensive and defense.

I like it, I’d just make a few small changes though.

Have ten people, that can follow instructions, communicate and are active.

Allies are enemies in waiting…

My .02

Betrayal is killed by the clan. Then a banish. If you won’t be loyal than your a dead corpse like all my enemies. A fresh coat of paint for my walls.

Yo opino que tranquilamente se puede jugar solo y si es mucho mas dificil pero jugar solo sin clan sin nungun tipo de base tiene sus ventajas como por ejemplo los enemigos no pueden encontrar tu base por que no tienes lo unico que tienes es cofres escondidos por diferentes lugares del mapa y raideando con catapulta es menos trabajo que crear bombas yo tengo mucho loot escondidos en pequeños cofres en lugares menos pensado y siempre me deconecto en la fibra es muy dificil de encontrar y tengo personajes en algunos server y juego de esta forma y si me da resultado positivo

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