How to Build: All Weapons

  • Added recommended signets.
  • Changed recommended extraordinary weapons, to add weapons from the Oni War Cache.


Definitly check out the new oni shotgun in combination with munition expert. The new weapon should make munition expert useless.


“Shotgun of the Howling Dog” - Your Armor-Piercing Shells have a 100% chance to apply Exposed when you hit.

I don’t see how this affects munitions expert, its main function is ‘less green shells’ which still means better odds all around.


The current tooltip as written is incomplete.

It also removes green shells from the selection and adds the chances to the other options prefering blue. Which is way more than Munition Expert would ever do. And with no green shells left it can only move the ratio red/purple a little for the relative high cost of one passiv slot.


Thanks for drawing my attention back to the new Shotgun of the Howling Dog. I also initially dismissed it based on the incomplete tooltip, and forgot about it even after seeing the known issue mentioned in the patch notes.

My question is whether its extraordinary effect makes it better than SPES-C221, since I can’t calculate its theoretical DPS based on its tooltip. It does seem like it has potential.


I couldn’t test out how it performes but even from looking at the paper states I see a few things:
A.It makes Blue Shells far more useful. With removing both the expose rng and upping it’s chance to likely areas where it can be gotten from time to time. Two issues blue had since the beginning of time: It’s additional rng level and it’S rarity. It still is a useless round when exposed is already stacked but the same useless factor is true for green too.
B.It raises red and purple too, probably far more than munition master ever could since munition master only reduced green by 10% and the new shotgun does the same but 3.5 times (removing 35% green) with that much removed you suddendly have a far easier time handling your mechanic in dps scenarios. It basically does the job of munition master x times over, making munition master so weak in comparision that taking both is a waste of a passive slot which could be used for example “White phosporus rounds” which alone brings some damage back

Combining these two aspects I came to the conclusion that while not flat out giving you dps it makes it so much easier to get a solid rotation and frees up a valuable passive slot that it definitly can at least challenge SPES top spot.

Only thing I am still unsure is how viable it makes shell rotations with blue shells or is the standard red-purple rotation is still the best.


It might be more useful as the game is moving more towards a AR/Ele meta but when Hammer was the metaking blue shells were not very useful and would not have been even with 100% proc rate since between 2 people with eruption you’re looking at 100% uptime on Exposed. Also the damage from DB and DU shells on paper looks to be worth more than the damage boost for solo situations.