How to catch a thrall?

So I have caught my first thrall and it was crazy difficult, it just dont get how this is supposed to be possible or fun. It was a level 2 fighter and I had to hit him so many times my truncheon almost broke and it took forever. How are higher tier thralls even possible. I have watched several youtube videos and they made it look super easy, one guy even killed a guy with the truncheon ?!? I have tried sneaking up to them in the dark, but they aggro when I get close even if I am behind them. I have even tried using my sword to sunder their armor in the hopes that it will make the truncheon more effective but they die so easily when I am doing that. I am running single player and I could just use the admin console but I want to figure this out. I am running standard settings, other than I changed the harvest multiplier to cut down on the grind.

You can build a torturers table once you have the “Wheel of Pain” feat which will let you make a steel truncheon and leather bindings. You’ll also see a feat “Blunted Arrows” which lets you take them down from a distance, just don’t use your best bow or you’ll probably end up killing the thrall - try it with a basic hunting bow.

  1. Attribute - Str: 10 points to get the perk.
  2. a level 2 fighter - which faction is it? Exiles? Darfari? (A level 2 Exiles fighter is weaker than a level 2 Darfari fighter. and so on.) Not sure about your level. If your level is low, then please try exiles level 1 fighter.
  3. There is the better version of Truncheons. (Truncheon < Iron Truncheon < Steel Truncheons)
  4. Enhance your Truncheons with Blunted Weapon fitting.
  5. Use a shield and a truncheon. (Block first and then hit)
  6. Use your follower Thrall to help you. (give a truncheon to your follower thrall. when you get aggro, hide behind your follower thrall. When either you or a follower thrall get hurt, the follower thrall will start to attack with a truncheon. You just need to block with a shield. If the enemy attacks your follower thrall, you can help too.) You can get higher level thralls with a low-level follower.

It is not shown anywhere but use a heavy attack, it does do more damage and knocks em out faster. Same animation though.

yeah typically I use 1 light + 3 heavy attacks, most npc’s are not able to hit you with this method, cause if you hit quick enough your next light attack comes while he tries to attack and so his attack get denied
so i takes only 30 seconds -2 min to tame it

Also, use your terrain and positioning if you find capturing thralls tough. Many thralls can’t climb stairs or won’t move too far from a spawn point. You can get the thrall to the edge of this limit, smack them then roll away. They will put their weapon away, and yiu csn charge in snd repeat the process.

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