How to change my listed crimes?

I remember doing this when i made my first character, I had changed the random ones to debauchery, lecherous behaviour, and corrupting the youth (im a follower of derketo :P). But I cant figure out how to do it now with the new one im making.

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I’ve always thought it is a random thing, possibly race related, no idea you could change them besides rerolling a new char and having the luck of getting those you prefer.

If you’re on PC and able to use the admin panel there’s a mod called CharEditLite that lets you change your crimes (along with gender, appearance, and race) after character creation, but there’s no way that I know of to choose them at the start.

Ooooh yeah, that must have been it.

Is there any way to read the crimes after character creation? I’m having good fun with CharEditLite, but I’m afraid my crimes go unnoticed :).

Dont Think you can do it, but its just a fun thing that have no effect on the game anyway.

When I first started playing CE, the listed crimes bothered me. Depending on what kind of character I was making, I knew that sometimes they would fit and sometimes they wouldn’t. Then one day, on yet another new character, I came to the realization that I was framed – I never did those things; I was being falsely accused. And ever since then, its not bothered me. So I kind of RP’d my way into accepting the mechanic (just Stygian propaganda - can’t trust those snake-lovers). :rofl:

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Unfortunately to my knowledge on xbox and ps4 there is no way to change your crimes or view them after character creation without taking a screen shot.

On pc you can change them though with the CharEditLite.

Hope thats helps you!

I’d rather change my hair than my crimes

With CharEditLite, you can do both.

ITs quite a shame we can’t on ps4.

That’s one of the main reasons I don’t game on consoles. I love mods, modding games, and customizing my game play. PC is so much better than console. If you love mods, you’ll definitely want to go PC.

My computer is 15 years old xD i can’t do pc gaming lol ill be forced to upgrade soon enough lol. Hopefully will port the best mods into the game once they get going good.

Not only makes the game better but also gives great publicity to the modder and encourages more people to try their hand. Its a great way to grow the community even though its difficult.

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I play on an official. I don’t think this would work.

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