How to change the refresh rate, game locked to 60 frames?


Hi, I can’t find the option to change the games refresh rate, surely it can’t be locked to 60 frames per second? No matter what settings, the counter still says “62fps”…

I would appreciate it greatly if some of the devs could confirm this.



same for me - no matter what settings


Hi guys, we don’t have an option to change the refresh rate I’m afraid. If there is a huge demand we might consider something in the future. let me know :slight_smile:



It deffo needs an option for several fps caps. I’ve 144hz G-sync display and 2080ti, i can easily handle 144 fps, but have to play with limited 60. What a mess. Please add an option to chose fps cap.




Same here. Please add this option. Thanks!



you can exceed the FPS limit of 60 by opening the GameUserSettings.ini found under the following file path:


Add the line FrameRateLimit= and enter the max Hz of your monitor, e.g. 144.

It should look like that:


When you’re done, save the INI-file.



Thanks a lot! That worked.