How to check server time now?

It was on settings / server settings but now gone


@Tascha can you please help?

ps Server time is gone still

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yeah i really don’t understand why this display has been removed…
it helped alot new players to check the server time and therefor possible raiding times (even if it’s confusing without seeing WHICH timezone the server had been using , many of us where in thinking that the raiding time was 17-23 like stated, but we found out quickly that server is running -1 hour from our timezone, so in reality it was for us 18-24)


For now Tracert is a reliable Windows tool. Trace route to IP, look for address cue toward end of chain – nom.LAX.svr or ips.ATL.svr – for example would be Los Angeles or Atlanta respectively.

Server 1212 reports a destination of MSK which appears to be Moscow, for instance.

think this works not generally, it looks like all eu servers for example are running at the same timezone

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