How to contact "Community"

Hi There.

I contacted the support via email and got the following answer:

We apologize for the mix up. I checked this and this is something our community team will be better able to assist with. To reach out to them, you can go to the forums, and send a private message to Community.

How do i write a message to “Community”?

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Hi, incase you haven’t found it yet, go to the top of the forum page, and where it says Funcom, select Contact, then Community :slight_smile:

thanks, but that doesn’t help.

it sends me to a page where i can select a forum and then i land back here. :frowning:

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go to your profil picture cklick on it


cklick on the envelope


click on new Message

add Community in to the Adressline

and you can write the Community Manager Team

or did you maen something diffrent ?


yes, thanks.

this was exactlx what i am looking for.

sorry for beeing a little slow. i am not used to use forums.

maybe i am stupid…
i have now “new message” button…

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maybe called diffrent dont know youre forum language

my forum language is set to german.

but i have neither a “new message” nor a “neue nachricht” button.

would put a screenshot, but as a new member i am not allowed to upload pictures.

found a way:

could you try it again ?

i mean to write a new Message

i can put pictures in my posts now, but my messages screen loos still exactly like in the picture i posted.

don’t get me wrong, i got informed that my “new member restrictions” got lifted.

i don’t get it…

i wanted to give it another try. for some reason the “new message” button is now where it should be.

thanks for your help guys, this topic can be closed and/or deleted now.

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